VIDEO: Million Dollar Decorators gives us a glimpse inside Lindsay Lohan’s house

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Next week’s episode of the Bravo show Million Dollar Decorators takes us inside the home of troubled tabloid queen Lindsay Lohan.

In a clip released for the show, designer Kathryn Ireland prepares for her consultation with Lindsay by asking her son to “Google Lindsay Lohan” to see what films she’s been in recently. Kathyrn remembers Lindsay in The Parent Trap, and assumes she’s been doing scores of films since.

When her son cracks a joke about Lindsay’s notoriety for mug shots and DUIs, Kathryn laughs it off, saying a first prison sentence is something everyone has to get over with, just like a first marriage.

We see Kathyrn arrive at Lindsay’s new home in the Hollywood Hills (The Liz & Dick star recently moved from Venice Beach, which she later reveals was too far for her, and doesn’t feel safe, where she finds a very sparsely furnished home. Among the few pieces of furniture is a giant mirrored bed in a bedroom that contains nothing but the bed and Chanel bags (Lindsay did a little sprucing up by putting Chanel bags on he mantel.)

When Kathryn asks Lindsay if she is attached to the bed, Lindsay answers in the negative, and reveals that she’s hoping to get a bed just like Kathryn’s in her own house.

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