Where are they now? The Fred Savage Edition

What's Kevin Arnold doing now?
It’s hard to believe that the actor who played Kevin Arnold on The Wonder Years is 36 with three kids, but time moves fast, folks!

What’s Fred Savage up to now that he’s all grown up?

Fred’s been in the headlines a lot lately because he announced the birth of his third child with wife Jennifer Stone (nobody knew she was pregnant,) and because his younger brother Ben Savage will be reprising his role as Cory Matthews in a spin-off of Boy Meets World.

Fred and his wife, pictured below January 28, 2012 at the 64th Annual Director’s Guild Awards, haven’t named their newborn yet, and they have two other children: Lily (4) and Oliver (6.)

Does he work?

Since The Wonder Years ended we haven’t seen much of Fred in TV and films, but that’s just because he’s finding success behind the scenes. He much have really payed attention while he was growing up on The Wonder Years, because he’s been directing television episodes since 1999. Now he’s a main director on 2 Broke Girls, but he’s also directed 19 episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and nine episodes of Party Down, to name a few of his gigs. Incidentally, Fred tested out his directing chops in 1999 by directed an episode of his brother’s show Boy Meets World.

Fred and Jennifer’s sweet love story:

Fred actually met his wife Jennifer when he was a kid growing up in a small Illinois town. Then Fred became Kevin Arnold and they didn’t speak again until his 22nd birthday party, where they reconnected and sparks flew!

Fred proposed in 2003 during a trip to Italy with a 5-carat sapphire ring engraved with a line from her favorite childhood movie The Sound of Music: “I must have done something good.” They married 7 August 2004.

Then and Now side-by-side:

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