PHOTOS David Arquette strips down on the set of Orion

Thanks to last night’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show the internet is inundated with scantily clad ladies in impossibly elaborate costumes that still manage to cover nothing more than nipples and nethers. So, I thought a bit of testosteronial affirmative action was in order. Representing all the flawless sexual entities with penises out there, I give you David Arquette on the set of his post-apocalyptic new film, Orion!

The photo was shared by David on Monday and features the 41-year-old actor wearing nothing more than a loin cloth, a pair of untied boots, and numerous chains — basically the male equivalent of Raquel Welch from One Million Years B.C.

Behind David looks to be a hobbit’s house from an episode of Hoarders. (The background also seems to reveal that after the apocalypse people can still expect their brother-in-law to drop in for a brew.) A Twitter commenter exclaimed, “Holy sh!t! Looks like a futuristic Sanford and Son!” To which David Arquette replied by tweeting, “it kind of is”

According to Variety, “David Arquette is set to star opposite Lily Cole and Goran Kostic in the apocalyptic pic Orion, which Asiel Norton is helming. Traction Media is producing. Arquette plays a hunter who is fighting his way through a futuristic wasteland in search of his brother.”

David clarified a little bit when he tweeted this next photo on Wednesday:

Photo of David Arquette shooting the post-apocalyptic film Orion in Detroit

“I am a hunter in the bleak future that has to free a beautiful woman from an evil magician,” David wrote.

And what better place to film a “futuristic wasteland” than in modern-day Detroit? The cast and crew began filming on location in the Motor City last week. “The unfortunate part of Detroit is that part of it is tailored to this movie,” film crew member and Detroit native Dave Krieger tells “The beauty of Detroit is that there’s so many different kinds of locations – really gross ones and really fascinating ones with brand new infrastructure. This movie allows us to use the locations available in Detroit to illustrate what happens when an industrialized country ceases to exist.”

Here’s David Arquette talking about his role in Orion at an event in August:

And one last photo of David from the Orion set in which he reveals that people in the post-apocalyptic future do sometimes cover up, and also sometimes snap photos with their colorful iPhones:

David Arquette snaps a photo on his iPhone on the set of Orion

Of course the big question here is… What happened to David Arquette’s amazing Wonder Woman tattoo?!? Do apocalypses remove tattoos? What a bummer 🙁

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