PHOTOS Is Paul Ryan fit for office? Time Magazine’s P90x Person of the Year photo shoot

Paul Ryan Mitt Romney Vice President Time Magazine Person of the Year P90x

Is Paul Ryan fit to serve as Vice President of the United States? Well, in one sense at least, he definitely is. The guy’s cut.

Paul Ryan P90x Time Vice President Mitt Romney election Person of the Year

Love or hate congressman Ryan’s politics, you can’t argue with his workout plan. He is an outspoken advocate for P90x and living proof that if you are willing to submit to Tony Horton’s schedule of masochistic fat burning routines, you too can flash your guns from behind oversized podiums with gargantuan American flags in the background . . . or at least in front of the mirror on the back of your bedroom door.

Paul Ryan and Tony Horton P90x Vice President Mitt Romney

Time Magazine knew something about Mr. Ryan’s enthusiasm for working out, so when they did a photo shoot with him after he was named a runner up as their 2011 Person of the Year, they set the dude up with some weights . . . and a kind of silly looking red hat. Those photos have just been released. (Weird timing, huh?)

Paul Ryan P90x Time Magazine Person of the Year Mitt Romney Vice President

The photo that Time ended up publishing with his Person of the Year runner-up article is a simple, straight-on head shot. But the beefcake shots are sooo much better! Judge for yourself what this means for his fitness for office in that other, more serious (yawn) political sense. Do these photos read “energetic leader” or “geeky gym rat?”

Paul Ryan pumping iron for Time magazine

Oh, and in case you were thinking that maybe P90x was leaning too far to the right for your taste, don’t forget the other prominent person of political interest who swears by it: Michelle Obama! There’s plenty of iron to pump on both sides of the aisle.

Michelle Obama p90x

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