PHOTO – Fashion hit, or miss? Bruce Jenner diamond stud earrings

Bruce Jenner earrings

Last night’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians was all about Kris Jenner trying to convince Khloe to get a paternity test because of rumors that she was not Robert Kardashian’s biological child. Kris admitted to cheating on Robert in her book, which helped fuel the speculation, and she seemed hell bent on getting Khloe to take the test.

Kim and Kourtney were looking for a new location for one of their Dash stores (snooze,) and Bruce Jenner’s plotline involved sneaking off to live at Khloe’s house because Kris didn’t ever notice whether he was home or not anyway. (What is with the Karadashians and their dark interior design? Both Kris and Khloe’s house feature A LOT of black.)

But the real star of the episode was something no one mentioned: Bruce Jenner’s diamond stud earrings! They shown like the sun, and left us wondering how Kris could forget about Bruce when he had sparklers bigger than a Kardashian engagement ring framing his face.

What do you think of Bruce’s bling?