TWITTER BOMBSHELL Rihanna tweets photo that isn’t sexual at all!

I would argue that no Twitterlebrity has dropped more sexy, or sex-themed images on the internets than Rihanna. Back in the day she invited us all to stand under her “Umbrella” but now there’s no dang room what with the 450-billion images of her in all sorts of provocative poses and outfits.

I think RiRi has over-saturated the market with her own self-published “hot pics of Rihanna” which I never thought was possible but girl has been relentless! All of this is to say that it was actually a surprise when the woman who recently boasted (via Twitter of course) that she could turn a woman bi, actually posted the above photo that is in no way sexy.

As to why she had an IV (intravenous treatment) in her arm… I have no idea! Maybe it’s a set-up for sexy Rihanna IV bikini pics?