Selena Gomez’ sexy underwater perfume ad

Selena Gomez emerges from a purple underwater haze in a clingy gauzy dress in the ad for her debut fragrance Selena Gomez. These Disney stars grow up so fast!

The perfume bottle is designed to look like an elegant Selena on the red carpet, and the aromas were picked out by Selena’s fans. The overall consensus was raspberry as a top note, purple freesia as a heart note and vanilla as a bass note. Selena stands by the fragrance because her mom “legitimately likes it. She’s so honest with me, she’ll tell me that she doesn’t like my clothes or the dress I wore, but she wears this everyday.”

The fragrance will debut in May exclusively at Macy’s, which launches at other stores this summer.

Selena’s not completely growed up, though! She still enjoys girls’ nights baking cupcakes with her BFF. No woman should ever fully outgrow that!