PHOTOS Anderson Cooper snuggles with 37-lb cat, Meow

Cooper Anderson and Meow the overweight cat

When the silver fox Anderson Cooper giggles unicorns dance on rainbows made of Skittles. On today’s show he upped the adorable ante by having Meow the 37-lb cat as a co-host. If Kathie Lee gets Hoda Kotb why can’t Anderson have Meow?

According to the L.A. Times:

The orange and white tabby was recently brought into the Santa Fe, N.M., animal shelter tipping the scales at 39 pounds. The 2-year-old feline is so fat he barely fit into his animal carrier, and he can’t play for very long, because the extra weight makes him lose his breath easily.

The shelter has put Meow on a high-protein diet devised by a shelter veterinarian with the ominous name of Dr. Hack. The fear is that, if the cat loses weight too fast and doesn’t eat, it could develop hepatic lipidosis, or fatty liver syndrome, Martin said.

Dr. Hack!?! Hey, when Meow checked in he was 39 lbs. Now he’s already down 2 pounds and has cuddled with Cooper Anderson. #MeowWinning. Two more photos because that’s all that really matters (I particularly like the next one because it has some grade-A Cooper side-eye and an erupting-with-joy Kristen Johnston).

Anderson Cooper side-eye with Meow the Cat Cooper Andreson lifting Meow the fat cat