Complete list of 16 and Pregnant Season 4 episode air dates

16 and Pregnant Season 4 episode air dates 2012

We’ve know the names of all twelve girls to be featured on the fourth season of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant for some time, but we haven’t known the exact order in which their episodes would be aired. Now we have a complete, albeit tentative, list of when each of the girls’ episodes will air!

(Click here to see the complete list of all 12 girls with photos, brief descriptions, and links to Facebook and Twitter pages.)

Here’s the complete list, although these dates are still subject to change if MTV gets a wild hair for some reason. I’ve included links to any relevant posts we’ve done. (If the name is a link then we’ve profiled her individually.)

March 27Mackenzie Douthit & Katie Yeager
Katie appears with Briana on Good Morning America

April 3 – Briana Dejesus
Briana’s baby daddy Devoin responds to allegations he is a deadbeat dad.
Briana appears with Katie on Good Morning America

April 10 – Lindsey Harrison
Lindsey Harrison gets in a cage fight with words with internet commenters

April 17Alex Sekella
Alex appears on CBS News

April 24 – Jordan Howard

May 1 – Myranda Trevino

May 8 – Sarah Roberts
Sarah and her baby daddy Blake Thomas were runaways, wanted by the police

UPDATE – We’re hearing that Sarah’s episode may have been moved to May 15. We’re not sure whether that means she is swapping with Hope or something more complicated.

May 15 – Hope Harbert

May 29Devon Broyles

May 22 – Sabrina Solares

June 5 – Kristina Robinson (Now Kristina Head)
Details on Kristina’s fiance Todd Hight, Jr.’s drowning death
Todd’s mother Tina Hight shares her grief on her son’s Facebook wall
Tina Hight suggests her sons death may not have been accidental
Tina Hight talks with us about Kristina and her son’s death

It can probably be assumed that the Reunion Special will follow a week after Kristina’s finale episode on June 5, and then the fourth and final season of the original Teen Mom will start after that.

Just for fun, I looked back at Season 2A of 16 and Pregnant to see where the episodes of the girls who were eventually chosen for Teen Mom 2 fell, and the results seemed a little less than random!

Jenelle Evans kicked off the second season and Kailyn Lowry was the season finale. Chelsea was the fourth episode and Leah was number eight. Hmmmm… So the first episode, the last episode, and then two episodes spread out in between! If we were to use that as an indicator that would mean Mackenzie or Katie (because this season premiered with back-to-back episodes) and Katrina Robinson.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Leah Messer had a special 90-minute episode, which is also the case with next week’s gal, Alex Sekella! She also seems to fit the “evenly spaced out” requirement.

Continuing with the theory, that would mean either Sarah Roberts or Hope Harbert would be the fourth because they fall right between Alex and Kristina. This is just purely fun speculation though! We shall see if it actually plays out that way 🙂