PHOTO Dog the Bounty Hunter and wife Beth Chapman make Hawaii beaches more flawless

Beth Chapman in a bikini and Dog the Bounty Hunter shirtless in Hawaii

The hottest couple in all of bail bonding took to the beaches of Hawaii as Dog The Bounty Hunter stars Duane Chapman and wife Beth Chapman released their hot bods on their own recognizance at the Fairmont Kea Lani on the island of Mauii Sunday.

Dog had his most wanted frame wrapped in a towel while Beth looked to be the star of The Brashank Redemption as she kept her famous pair of troublemakers locked up tight in a blue bikini top. Ol Dog’s gettin’ quite the pot belly there! He better be careful or snarky blogs like this one may have to start referring to him as Dog the Brownie Hunter!

Photo: Spartacus / Splash News