Amber Portwood to be released from jail today to home detention after being rejected by rehab program

Teen Mom’s troubled star Amber Portwood was supposed to be released from jail to  Sister 2 Sister Ministries halfway house for a rehab program, but TMZ reports there’s been a change of plans. She’s reportedly been rejected by Sister 2 Sister, and will be released with an ankle bracelet for home detention.

TMZ says Sister 2 Sister refused Amber because they “felt Portwood is too much of a handful and embodies too much negative energy to benefit from its program.”

Amber’s reportedly required to apply to another rehab program, but the process could take a long time.

Because of the conditions set by the judge, Amber was reported to possibly be leaving Teen Mom because she was banned from filming at the Sister 2 Sister program, or around any of the other girls at the facility. She’s also not allowed to be recorded during any of her court appearances. With this new development, Amber might be legally able to continue doing the show.

Whether she should or not for her own health and safety is another matter. Despite what she may be legally permitted to do, Amber herself told the judge that she intends to quit the reality series:

“I want to quit [Teen Mom], and I will.”

Take care of yourself, Amber.