My Strange Addiction season 3 premiere features man in a sexual relationship with car

Nathaniel My Strange Addictions loving his car Chase

My Strange Addiction is returning Sunday night with the season 3 premiere and from all indication it’s getting stranger than ever. The first episode will focus on 27-year-old Nathaniel and his love affair turned sexual relationship with his 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo named Chase.

I’ve gathered up two clips and some photos of Nathaniel and Chase for a primer on Sunday night. Beyond the cringe-worthiness, the show attempts to address the featured people’s addictions and to help them. Will Nathaniel find out why he’s crushing on Chase his car? Here’s the preview in which Nathaniel explains his full-Monte Carlo love to his dad:

I have seen my fair share of awkward father-son talks in the world of reality TV but that far and away takes the cake. There’s no tears or OMGs, just kind of a quiet and disturbingly blunt exchange. In case you’re in a video watchin’ unfriendly environment, otherwise known as cubicle jail, here’s a bit of the exchange:

Nathaniel: “I’m in an intimate relationship with Chase, both sexually and emotionally.”

Nathaniel’s dad: “How does that work? How can you have sex with a car?”

Nathaniel: “Mainly it’s just a lot of rubbing up against it. It involves masturbating as well.”

Chase: “…”

Never one to miss out on this type of strangeness, Anderson Cooper had Nathaniel on his show and he posted a clip featuring a couple of questions from the audience. In addition, you see a very rare moment when Cooper is unable to put together the words to the strange question he knows he has to ask.

A woman asks Nathaniel if this is the first car he’s had such a relationship with and Anderson interjects with, “full sized car” and references a “Dylan.” The camera then shows a toy model of a yellow convertible Corvette. Oh heck, here’s Dylan:

Nathaniel explains that he’s fantasized and thought about this before but that Chase is his first full go at having this type of bond with a vehicle. Another audience member asks if it’s just cars and Nathaniel reveals that he’s also attracted to four-wheelers, jet skis, airplanes and more. Here’s a photo of Nathaniel with Chase and a therapist:

We’ve all got our “things,” some are just a little further out there than others. To catch Nathaniel’s full story tune in Sunday night to TLC at 10PM EST.

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