Police report filed over Megan Stroup’s Twitter bashing of Chelsea Houska

A police report has reportedly been filed after Megan Stroup bashed Chelsea Houska on Twitter

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska was the subject of a bitter two-day Twitter hatefest (Day 1, Day 2) from former friend Megan Stroup over the weekend after Chelsea was unable to visit her while Megan was in the hospital for appendix surgery. Chelsea has remained quiet publicly, but we have a source close to the situation who tells us a police report has been filed (though we’ve seen no documentation of this.)

In addition to the harassing tweets, there were also a number of threatening texts, something Chelsea’s sister Emily referenced in her tweets about Megan’s attacks after someone suggested Chelsea should seek legal action – a possibility Megan seemed completely unconcerned about:

Megan Stroup seems unconcerned about a lawsuit after bashing Chelsea Houska on Twitter

Things have seemed to to quiet down a bit, so perhaps the legal action has had the desired effects.

So what do you think about airing out personal disputes online, whether it’s with someone famous or not?

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