Texas Women’s Brooke Jeter accuses costar Hannah Helvey of having an affair with show’s producer

Texas Women's Brooke Jeter accuses co-star Hannah Helvey of having an affair with the show's producer

Yeeeeee haw!!! Here’s some Texas-sized drama for you! Co-stars Brooke Jeter and Hannah Helvey of CMT’s reality series Texas Women have recently had an on-air falling out, the cause of which both women have avoided talking about. Until now!

First, let’s get a little background on the feud with a CMT video clip in which the two ladies address their falling out and whether or not they will ever be able to become friends again:

Brooke Jeter, a professional barrel racer and rodeo star Jason Jeter’s wife, walked out into the virtual streets of Laredo earlier today with six-guns blazing! Here is a post she made on the Texas Women official Facebook fan page, which was eventually deleted and reposted on her own personal fan page as note. (And then deleted again, by the way)

From the bitch/villian [sic]
by Brooke Jeter on Monday, August 29, 2011 at 1:51pm

Reposted from Texas Women: Just for the record I can guarantee you that Anna never did that to my face because she would not look so pretty [I’m not certain what that’s in reference to] As far as Hannah, the reason we were arguing during filming is because I was accusing her of sleeping with the executive producer who is MARRIED with a four-month-old baby. Well the truth finally came out of Hannah’s mouth last week and she admitted to the affair. The only thing that I… said behind Anna’s back is that she sleeps with married men and warned Hannah of that. Actually Hannah is the one who told me about one of the married men Anna slept with. Yes I am a b!tch because I do not put up with this crap, and any of you who think it is not a big deal I am sure you have done the same. Any Questions?

Essentially, Brooke says Hannah had an affair with the show’s executive producer! (We’re not even talking about the fact that Brooke has accused Anna Hunt of being an adulterer as well!) Brooke then got into an exchange with Shannon Helvey, who is apparently Hannah Helvey’s mother, on the Texas Women Facebook wall in which Brooke explains that she was being edited poorly because of what she knew:

Shannon Helvey I’m very saddened and hurt by all this. It’s not the way we all thought it would be. I’m sorry and wish the hating and editing would stop. It’s gone far to over board.

Brooke Jeter I agree Shannon and it is sad….I know that Hannah told you what she did and what it has caused……I warned her, A warned her, I have the text from A warning her about what she was doing….many people warned her about her choices, yet s…he continued anyway…….she could make this so much easier on herself but she is forcing me, her “Friends” in the editing booth are forcing me, damaging my reputation and image because of unthinkable decisions she made, along with the people that enabled her, and I look like the bad person. She has ruined so much for so many people at this point and you do know just how far reaching this goes. Has she not done enough damage? This is real life not “everything is going to work out” quotes……. Please talk to her becasue it will be far easier on her, (which at this point why should I care) to tell everone herself, or at least apologise, publically, to the people she has damaged, than to have it done by someone else. We are not going to shoulder the damages she has caused. She needs to take responsability and face this…..It is not going away.See More

Shannon Helvey I love my daughter as I know your mom loves you. As a mother I wanted her to know I absolutely do not endorse or approve of all the ugliness directed towards you. I also know your posting publicly this kind of stuff only hurts the situation. You are welcome to call me or message me privately but you help no one by doing what you are doing. You just add fuel to the fire.

Hannah Helvey from Texas Women
^ Hannah Helvey photo by RapPhotoCompany.com

So what has Hannah Helvey’s response been to all of this? The ol’ high road. The first mention of it came in the form of a post on her Facebook wall from a fan who wrote, “Wow…did you see what Brooke just posted on Texas Women? So, is that why yall were REALLY fighting??” Hannah replied, “Lol she is ridiculous.” After some angry comments about Brooke, Hannah added, “Yeah I could say some stuff but I hold myself to a higher standard :)”

She later made these posts on her Facebook wall:

“conquer the devils with a little thing called LOVE!” Bob Marley 🙂

I’m sorry y’all but I’m not going to stoop to anyones level and talk crap! It’s called class and not trash 🙂 I hold myself to a higher standard! Live.laugh.love.

It should be interesting to see how this plays out! It’s really hard to imagine Brooke making a bold, public statement like that when there was no truth to it – and if there is then WOWZA! It may be the first instance in which a reality show star has blamed editing and may have been right. We’ll keep an eye on this story and update if the fuse reaches a powder keg.

****Thanks to reader “T” for the tip and thanks to Dallas blogger extraordinaire Oh So Cynthia for preserving the controversial “note” for posterity! By the way, CBSDFW apparently has a “Most Valuable Blogger Awards” contest in which people vote for blogs in various categories. Oh So Cynthia is nominated in the Lifestyle category and I think she deserves your vote! I’ve run across her site a few times over the last year while doing research for stories (The only Dallas/Fort Worth blog I can remember getting info from btw) and I think that speaks volumes about her qualifications as “Most Valuable.” Anyways, you can cast your vote for her blog HERE.

UPDATE – Reader “T” continues to fill us in on all the Texas Women scandal details! First off, Brooke Jeter’s comment about “Anna never did that to my face” was in reference to some things Anna had said about the way Brooke talks. Secondly, Texas Women‘s Anna Hunt, who Brooke said “sleeps with married men,” was doing a live chat on the Texas Women Facebook Page just a little while ago and someone asked her about Brooke’s allegations that Hannah had slept with a producer and that she herself slept with married men, to which an admin for the page responded “Deidre – No comments can be made about that at this time. Thank you.” Hmmmmmm! Stay tuned…

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