Anna Nicole Smith took drugs for brain seizures and back pain caused by her breast implants

Anna Nicole Smith in a mini skirt and fishnet stockings showing off the breast implants that lead to her severe back pain

Department of Justice special agent Danny Santiago testified in Los Angeles on Tuesday that he was told Anna Nicole Smith died of a mixture of drugs she was taking for brain seizures and back pain stemming from the weight of her breast implants.

The coroner’s report from March of 2007 states that Smith’s death was caused by an “acute combined drug intoxication” of clonazepam (also known as klonopin) and chloral hydrate, in addition to other controlled substances. Santiago testified that Smith’s attorney Howard K. Stern informed him she took clonazepam to treat brain seizures and that she was also taking drugs to treat back pain caused by her breast implants.

The judge was listening to Santiago’s testimony as part of the proceedings to determine if the trio of Howard K. Stern (attorney), Sandeep Kapoor (internist) and Khristine Eroshevich (psychiatrist) conspired to provide Smith with the drugs illegally. Already uncovered in court were prescriptions for the deadly cocktail as well as stories of sexual relationships between Anna Nicole Smith and Kapoor as well as Eroshevich. No doubt that more bizarre facts will come out as the legal system continues to shake the tree.

via Radar Online