Alaska couple in labor stops at Bass Pro Shop on the way to the hospital

BPS 480
An Alaska couple found themselves with time to kill before the birth of their second child, so they did what most of us would in the same situation: they went to the local Bass Pro Shop and started browsing.

The Haas family–father Chanse and mother Shana–were spending some quality time at home on New Year’s Eve when Shana began to notice contractions. This was at about four o’ clock in the afternoon. Because the contractions were rather far apart, the Haases didn’t want to simply rush to the hospital. Instead, they loaded the baby bag into the car, made their BPS pit stop, and loaded up on camo onesies for their unborn son. It was the boy’s grandmother who did most of the picking and choosing, said Chanse.

That might have been because Shana found the whole experience rather surreal: I was kind of in denial,” she said, “like ‘This isn’t really happening.'”

But that newborn son of theirs is an efficient one: Canyen Christopher Haas was born at 12:10 AM on January 1st, meaning the duration of his birth, from contractions to appearance, was just a touch over eight hours. Canyen is a healthy 7 pounds and 12 ounces, and his mother is fine.

Bass Pro Shops did not offer an official comment, though the company did update its Facebook page with a local news story detailing the circumstances of Canyen’s birth.


(Photo credits: Bass Pro Shops)

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