A.J. Jewell’s deadly fight with Fredrick Richardson may have been over “respect” and power of club Body Tap

Kandi Burrus and her former fiance AJ Jewell before his death from injuries sustained in a fight

The fight that led to A.J. Jewell’s death may have been a struggle for respect and power at the strip club Body Tap. A.J.’s family says that he was buying part, or all of the club. Fredrick Richardson, who was the club’s manager, was butting heads with A.J., which came to a head during the deadly altercation outside of the club Saturday, October 3, 2009.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that A.J. died after sustaining massive head injuries, but Richardson’s family claim he may have died from some other medical condition, like a heart attack, because he walked away from the fight. Both men were hospitalized after the brawl, but only Richardson survived. He has since been charged with manslaughter and denied bail.