90 DAY FIANCÉ Both Liz and Big Ed have moved on after breaking up over 15 times!

Both Big Ed and Liz Woods have both moved on after their acrimonious relationship. During their televised relationship, Ed and Liz split over 15 times so we’re all so tired now!

Liz has moved to San Diego and is now with 29-year-old Navy veteran Jayson Zuniga, who has a young son.

Liz told Entertainment Tonight that Jayson has vowed to never speak to her the way Ed has spoken to her.

Ed called Jayson a “hunk,” but thinks that the new relationship won’t last because he believes Liz hasn’t worked on her issues like he has.

Ed has also found a new love interest and is posting plenty of photos of her on social media, but hasn’t yet revealed her name.

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