7-Year-Old Steals Car To Skip Church Full Unedited Video 3:29

Utah 7 year old steals a carAmazing video footage of a 7-year-old boy who stole the keys to his dad’s car and drove home…to avoid church!

This is one of those stories that could have been horrible or funny, and thankfully it wound out being the latter. A 7-year-old from Plain City, Utah “stole” his dad’s Dodge Intrepid and drove it home – swerving through traffic, running stop signs, turning around at a high school and at one point almost hitting another driver. The incident was caught on video as police followed the boy home. Also caught on video is the boy’s mad dash into his home, escaping the long arm of the law – at least for a little while.


There are numerous obvious lessons to be learned from this, but perhaps the most important is that church is brutal in Utah!

How fitting is it that he stole an Intrepid?


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