3:10 To Eff Yuma: Un-Christian Bale’s Profane Tyrade

By now most everyone has probably heard about Christian Bale’s rage explosion while filming Terminator: Salvation last month. (Verbal Abuse Wayne was set off when the director of photography wandered into a scene they were filming, forcing them to cut) The audio recording surfaced on the internet a couple days ago and already has a techno remix. (WARNING – Of course this stuff is NSFW)

To be honest, I think I would prefer a loud, profane Batman as opposed to the hoarse whisperer from The Dark Knight. In the newest installment of the DC super-hero franchise, Batman will battle Crewman, who wanders around Gotham City kinda getting in the way of stuff. The climax of the movie is a foul-mouthed battle scene so unjustifiably brutal it inspires Robin to say, “Holy anger batmanagement Batman!” It gets even worse in the movie after that, when Batman goes after Rodney Kingpin.

Super-villain Crewman is beaten senseless by an angry Batman played by Christian Bale

****UPDATE 2/4/09 – Forget Obama, Christian Bale is going to reinvigorate the American work ethic! First there was the techno remix and now we have a Bill O’Reilly/Christian Bale rage match and a revamped Newsies trailer! I never thought in my life I would type the words “revamped Newsies trailer.” Yes we can!

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