16 Hailey Glassman Facebook Photos

Hailey Glassman from her facebook account

UPDATE 10/31/09 – Be sure to check out video of both Hailey Glassman appearances on The Insider HERE!

Here are sixteen photos of Jon Gosselin’s 22-year old girlfriend/mistress Hailey Glassman taken from her facebook account. This is a serious party girl! Included are images of her smoking a blunt, wearing hot pants and a thong, hangin’ out with some bird-flippin’ douchebags, at a psychedelic fluorescent red and green rave, her house, her dog and my favorite: Hailey passed out in the corner on top of a houseplant! Let’s hope all that smokin’ and drinkin’ have stunted her egg production because something tells me John and Hailey Plus Any would be a train wreck resulting in multiple felony convictions.

(I don’t know for certain if the last three photos are from Hailey’s facebook account or not. They are from a livejournal entry by ohnotheydidnt, who lists the sources as facebook and tinypic.)

I just put together another post with over 140 more Hailey photos, including her mug shot, more doobies, drinkin’ and even playing with a gun! What the Hailey?!?! Click here for more Hailey Glassman than you can handle!

Oooooo – Now there are pantsless Hailey bong photos! (Something tells me the photos are gonna get worse before they get better. There is NO way there’s not some sort of Hailey Glassman sex tape being shopped around as I type.