10 aerial views of celebrity mansions in L.A. and Malibu

Aerial view of Britney Spears' Los Angeles home

If you’ve ever wondered what a small-engine plane ride around Los Angeles and Malibu would look like then you’ve come to the right post.  You’re also in the right place if you’re curious about just how mega some a-list celebrity’s mega-mansions are.

Here for your viewing pleasure is a gallery of 10 aerial view photos of celebrity superfortresses around L.A. and Malibu.   Ready to feel insignificant or at least feel insignificant about your diggs?  Lets do this!

Mariah Carey:

Aerial view of Mariah Carey's Los Angeles home

Julia Roberts:

Aerial view of Julia Roberts' Malibu home

Barbara Streisand:

Aerial view of Barbara Streisand's Malibu home

Mark Wahlberg:

Aerial view of Mark Wahlberg's Los Angeles home

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony:

Aerial view of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's Los Angeles home

Britney Spears:

Aerial view of Britney Spears' Los Angeles home

Charlie Sheen (winning):

Aerial view of Charlie Sheen's Los Angeles home

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne:

Aerial view of Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne's Los Angeles home

Robbie Williams:

Aerial view of Robbie William's Los Angeles home

Gisele Bundchen (under construction):

Aerial view of Gisele Bundchen's home under construction

Just to go the extra mile here is a photo of Facebook creator and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s home.  He is young and is one of the wealthiest men alive:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg's New Home

Well I’m just sayin’!

Click on any of the above photos for a full screen image.

All Photos: WENN.com