“The Better Lover” – Miami Social Third Episode 3 Recap


This week in “The Better Lover” on Miami Social Katrina Champins tried really hard to wheel and deal and be that real estate mogul that she is. The problem is that she looks really uncomfortable and nervous: despite her polished look, she’s a fumbling mess when she deals with trying to sell multi-million dollar homes.

She’s working with a real estate investor who bought a waterfront property three months ago that he wants to flip, but not for anything less than “top dollar.” The investor wants $7.9 million, nothing less, but she’s got an over-confident potential buyer who’s willing to pay $5.8 mill in cash. Sorah may look pretty in her heels and pencil skirt, but she can’t close this deal. It turns out that $5.8 million is still $2 million below asking price even if it is cash, and even in THIS ECONOMY!

Maria Lankina and Michael Cohen love to have cocktails and talk sh*t about the other cast members, because they’re all BFF that way! They have about 12 million of these fun cocktails over dinner and start drunk dialing, because that’s the thing to do when in your mid-thirties. (They should probably talk to PC about this so he can bluntly tell them how immature they’re being because everyone gets over this phase around age 13.)

Katrina doesn’t pick up, but George French answers the phone and they hear Crazy Lina in the background. Drama!

After about half a million more drinks Michael and Maria stop in on George and Lina. It turns out Lina has recently slashed all of George’s pants. It’s really funny and one of those silly, normal things that happens in a relationship so George lightheartedly shows his friends. Lina jokes about the blond named Jasmine George was with at Micheal’s birthday party, and then, in true psychotic form, gets really upset when Michael makes another joke about the girl.


Sorah Daiha talks with her boyfriend Gonzolo on the computer, who’s in currently in China. Later, when the group meets up for drinks Sorah talks about all the things Gonzolo’s taught her about seduction. He’s a non-practicing doctor, so he knows all the secrets. She’s just about to reveal an ancient breast mystery when Maria crashes the party.

Maria talks about her daughter Angelika being in Swiss boarding school, and really doesn’t seem that torn up about it. She keeps emphasizing the fact that “it’s about her education.” And really, there’s no where else to get an education than Switzerland! Nobody who’s anybody has ever done anything different.

The topic switches to how crazy Lina is, and Maria gets angry and tells George as she storms away from him “You can f*ck each other and have psychotic babies. Go ahead.” And, George goes ahead.

Sorah expresses that she just wants the best for George.

The foreshadowing is palpable.