Weird News

The Mad Pooper’s ‘spokesman’ describes brain injury, gender reassignment in curious update

Last week, we brought you the instantly immortal tale of the Mad Pooper, a jogger in Colorado Springs who won’t stop crapping on one family’s front lawn despite the fact that the house is next to a public park and its public restrooms. At the time, the Buddle family had caught the lone jogger dropping […]

PHOTOS Scott Disick and Sofia Richie totally got fake-engaged to try and upstage Kylie

It’s usually pretty easy to tell what’s going on in Scott Disick’s head: some combination of sex and money, possibly in a Scrooge McDuck throwback loop. But the last few days are turning out to be a real puzzle, because it’s now entirely possible that we’ll soon get official confirmation of Scott Disick and Sofia […]

47-year-old mother gives birth to first child an hour after discovering she’s pregnant

A 47-year-old mother from Beverly MA gave birth to her first child over the weekend. That would be intriguing enough, but what shocked her and got her story going viral was the additional fact that the woman had no idea she was pregnant…until about an hour before she gave birth. Read on to check out the details of the interesting case, and to see what has to be the understatement of the year from the new mother.

Real Walking Dead: Flight 462? Man ‘running amok’ on flight bit another passenger, didn’t have a pulse

What actually happened on a Sunday flight to Ireland sounds eerily like a plotline in the Walking Dead web series Flight 462. A 24-year-old man in distress bit another passenger before he was treated by another passenger…and was found without a pulse. One observer said the noise the distressed person was making “was like something that I’d never heard before.”