Pitch Perfect 2 trailer full-length

VIDEO New Pitch Perfect 2 trailer is aca-mazing!

In the new full-length Pitch Perfect 2 trailer, we nearly get a sneak peek at Fat Amy’s “Down Under,” learn the Barden Bellas have to go head-to-head against an epic European a cappella group to retain their prestige, and come up with brand new reasons to love Anna Kendrick, not the least of which being a mic-drop-worthy World War II reference. All this and more in just two new minutes of pitch-slapping fun…

VIDEO Super dad goes full Spider-Man to surprise cancer-stricken son


Like a lot of kids his age, Jayden Wilson loves him some Spider-Man. Like a lot of dads, Jayden’s father Mike Wilson wanted to go above and beyond to surprise him for his 5th birthday party. Mike did that and then some as his roof top leap as the comic book hero left his son speechless. See the wonderful moment and then learn of Jayden’s cancer diagnosis that inspired the father to create the video in hopes of helping out his son.