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Drake dancing to Taylor Swift in an Apple commercial

LINKS Drake’s Taylor Swift dance, Kanye goes after Beyoncé, 2 Walking Dead characters still MIA…

JEZEBELToday in Failures: Drake Dances to Taylor Swift in Apple Music Commercial

DLISTEDLindsay Lohan Has An Opinion About Ariana Grande’s Makeup

REALITY TEABelow Deck’s Kate Chastain Talks Sexual Tension With Ben Robinson, On-Board Drama, And Season 4 Regrets

CELEBITCHYKanye West went after Beyonce & Jay-Z in an epic Saint Pablo tour rant

THE BLEMISHAxl Rose Actually Said Something Reasonable About the Whole Trump Hamilton Thing

UPROXXThere Are Two The Walking Dead Characters Who Still Remain Unaccounted For This Season

LINKS! Trump’s Big Red Dildo, Von Miller’s Sex Tape, Another Duggar Courtship…

Trump's Big Red Dildo

THE SUPERFICIAL – Michael Shannon: Trump Voters Are A ‘Big Red Dildo’ That F*cked Us All

THE BLEMISH – Von Miller Has Sex on Camera, Should Lose the Super Bowl Retroactively

DLISTED – Another Duggar Has Entered The Courting Phase

JEZEBEL – Trump Surrogate Cites Japanese Internment Camps As ‘Precedent’ for Proposed Muslim Registry

CELEBITCHY Ivanka Trump Is Already Using The Presidency To Hawk Her Jewelry Collection

VERY SMART BROTHAS – How To Avoid Politically Explosive Discussions This Thanksgiving

UPROXX – Denver Has Legalized Weed In Restaurants, Which Should Lead To Some Pretty Fun Yelp Reviews

REALITY TEA – Kristen Doute On How She’s Changed And Why This Season Of Vanderpump Rules Is Her Favorite

LINKS Ramona gets booted, Taylor Swift goes hip hop, Oreo candy bar…

Ramona Singer funny face

REALITY TEARamona Singer Reportedly Kicked Out Of A Private Event; Shades Her Ex Mario On Instagram

DLISTEDAndy Cohen Learned That Taylor Swift Isn’t Here For Jokes About Her Feud With Katy Perry

CELEBITCHYColin Kaepernick has never even been registered to vote in any state

JEZEBELRacist West Virginia Mayor Resigns After Response To Calling Michelle Obama an “Ape in Heels”

THE BLEMISHTaylor Swift Making a Hip Hop Album, African-Americans Confused if They Should Be More Mad About This or Trump

UPROXXThere’s An Oreo Candy Bar Now

LINKS McDonalds Nutella burger, Ariel Winter twerks, more Trump blah blah…

Italian McDonalds Nutella burger

DLISTEDItalian McDonalds Now Offer A Nutella Burger

REALITY TEAKenya Moore Defends Matt Jordan’s Violent Outbursts On Watch What Happens Live

CELEBITCHYKaty Perry announced a $10K post-election donation to Planned Parenthood

JEZEBELTrump Vows to Deport And Incarcerate Up to Three Million Undocumented People Upon Assuming Office

THE BLEMISHAriel Winter Seems Fun, Twerks on Snapchat

UPROXXEveryone Was Crying In The First SNL Cold Open Since Donald Trump Was Elected President

RIP Leonard Cohen

LINKS RIP Leonard Cohen, Scheana Marie Shay on 25lb weight loss, South Park Trump episode…

DLISTEDLeonard Cohen Has Died

REALITY TEAScheana Marie Shay Addresses 25 Pound Weight Loss; Did She Use Diet Pills?

CELEBITCHYHere are some ‘silver lining’ moments in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory

JEZEBELSouth Park Had to Re-Write Its Post Election Episode to Reflect Hillary Clinton’s Loss

THE BLEMISHHere’s The Valerian Trailer

UPROXXHere’s Hillary Clinton Just Hanging Out In The Woods And Proving That Dogs Make Everything Better

LINKS! America’s Next Top President; Widespread Anti-Trump Protests; Jizz-Chugging Mom…

America's Next Top President

THE SUPERFICIAL So We Just Elected Our First Reality Star President. Now What?

JEZEBEL Across The Country, Thousands Take The Streets In Anti-Trump Protests

CELEBITCHY CNN’s Van Jones: “This Was A Whitelash Against A Changing Country”

VERY SMART BROTHAS Yeah, I Voted For Hillary Clinton Today, But #ImWithHer Forever

DLISTED Brad Pitt Showed His Face For The First Time Since The Fall Of Brangelina

REALITY TEA Little Women LA: Plastic Martyr Confirms Reunion Appearance & Slams Briana

THE BLEMISH Mom Chugs Jizz To Stay Young

LINKS CA & FL legalize pot, the labor vote, Phaedra’s swipe right requirements…

I voted sticker legal marijuana

UPROXXChill Voters In California And Florida Pass Pro-Marijuana Ballot Measures

DLISTEDOpen Post: Hosted By The Woman Who Voted While In Labor

REALITY TEAPhaedra Parks Reveals What She’s Looking For In A New Man

CELEBITCHYPrince Harry blasts the media for their treatment of his girlfriend Meghan Markle

JEZEBELNevada’s Catherine Cortez Masto Becomes the First Latina Senator in U.S. History

THE BLEMISHLindsay Lohan Dropped by Publicist, She Still Had a Publicist?

LINKS Alexa Billy Bass, Blac Chyna vs Wendy Williams, Trump loses Twitter account…

Big Mouth Billy Bass Alexa video

JEZEBELVIDEO Someone Hacked Their Alexa to Speak Via Big Mouth Billy Bass

DLISTEDBlac Chyna Is Displeased With Wendy Williams

REALITY TEAVanderpump Rules Drama? Mike Shay Missing – Cleaned Out Joint Account He Shares With Scheana Marie?

CELEBITCHYGisele Bundchen gave her kids’ Halloween candy away after they tried one piece

THE BLEMISHWonder Woman Trailer Is First DC Trailer to Not Look Like a Total F***ing Drag

UPROXXDonald Trump’s Staff Has Reportedly Taken Away His Twitter Account