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Kardashians Instagram revenue

LINKS Kardashians are Instagramillionaires, autistic Muppet, RHOBH Xanax smoothies…

THE BLEMISHKardashians Make an Insane Amount of Money Off Instagram Ads

REALITY TEAHarry Hamlin Denies Lisa Rinna Puts Xanax In Smoothies; Defends Her Over Kim Richards Comments

JEZEBELSesame Street Introduces Latest Addition to Show: A Muppet With Autism

CELEBITCHYTom Hiddleston & his stylist agree that he should never wear Capri pants

DLISTEDKendall Jenner Fired A Bodyguard After She Was Robbed

UPROXXThe Latest Wonder Woman Trailer Has Some Questioning What’s Going On Under Gal Gadot’s Arms

LINKS! Thandie Newton nude, Bella Hadid mostly clothed, Scientology fully exposed…

28th Annual Producers Guild Awards - Arrivals

THE BLEMISHThandie Newton prefers acting in the nude to wearing sexist costumes

THE SUPERFICIALBella Hadid looks like she wants to be Alyson Reed in A Chorus Line

VOXDonald Trump’s media surrogates gave a judge more than enough ammo to shoot down Travel Ban 2.0

UPROXXHere are a bunch of really good ideas Warner Brothers could use for the Matrix reboot (such as not just remaking it)

DLISTEDLeah Remini’s going to milk this anti-Scientology thing for at least another year

VERY SMART BROTHASDuke fandom: The true March Madness

JEZEBELNow Richard Simmons’ brother wants everyone to know that Richard Simmons is indeed both fine and dandy

REALITY TEAKenya Moore is shocked–shocked!–that one of her RHOA castmates might have an issue with her

CELEBITCHYKylie and Tyga are determined to die together

LINKS! Emma Watson’s pubic oil, J-Lo and A-Rod’s O-Faces, Ben Carson is Yahoo Serious…

Emma Watson's public oil 1

JEZEBEL The White House is a place of perfect harmony

THE BLEMISH Emma Watson uses only the finest designer pube oils for her post-shower ablutions

UPROXX Chance the Rapper gave $1 million to Chicago Public Schools and didn’t even ask for a superhero cape in return

DLISTED J-Lo and A-Rod are sharing O-Faces

CELEBITCHY The universal response to Ben Carson is pretty much “I know those words, but that sentence makes no sense”

VOX Your Samsung Smart TV is now a live microphone and / or CIA killing machine

VERY SMART BROTHAS Viola Davis’ snot should also get Casey Affleck’s Oscar for good measure

REALITY TEA Everything you’ll want to know about the latest Survivor incarnation

LINKS! Sexy Justin Trudeau, Brie Larson’s Boobs, Moonlit Calvin Klein…

Sexy Justin Trudeau

THE BLEMISH Twitter Is Losing Its Sh!t Over These Pics Of Young Justin Trudeau

THE SUPERFICIAL Brie Larson Cleavaged Up The Skull Island Premiere Something Fierce

CELEBITCHY Mahershala Ali and Trevante Rhodes are the new faces of Calvin Klein

VOX Ryan Murphy’s Clinton Impeachment American Crime Story Could Be Ready For The 2018 Midterms

DLISTED Warren Beatty Wants A Public Explanation For What Happened On Oscar Night

REALITY TEA Sheree Whitfield Embraces Her New Role As The “Bone Collector” On Real Housewives Of Atlanta

JEZEBEL Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt Are Texting Again But I’m Sure It’s Nothing

Danielle Staub black and white glamor shot

LINKS! Danielle Staub Is Back, Senator Warren Persisted, Fat Beyonce…

REALITY TEA Get Ready–Danielle Staub Finally Returns To Real Housewives of New Jersey!

CELEBITCHY Senator Elizabeth Warren Was Formally Rebuked By The Senate For Speaking

THE BLEMISH Beyonce Too Fat To Perform At Full Speed, Opts For Slo-Mo At The Grammys

THE SUPERFICIAL Melissa McCarthy Really Ruined Sean Spencer’s Whole Life

VERY SMART BROTHAS 10 Reasons Atlanta Falcons Fans Should Rest Easy After That Horrible Collapse In The Super Bowl

JEZEBEL Would You Go To A Revamped Playboy Club?

DLISTED Captain America and Jenny Slate Have Broken Up

LINKS Gigi Hadid Squintgate, Blac Chyna cozies up to non Rob, Lena Dunham’s Trump diet…

Gigi Hadid Asian face tn

THE BLEMISHGigi Hadid Squints, Asians are Not Amused

DLISTEDBlac Chyna Was Seen “Cozying Up” To Someone Who Wasn’t Rob Kardashian

REALITY TEAJoe Giudice Has A New Job At The Prison Gym

CELEBITCHYLena Dunham lost weight because she can’t eat while Trump is president

JEZEBELDr. Luke Claims Kesha Owes Him a Whopping $1.3M in Royalties

UPROXXThe Lego-Inspired Burger Joint You’ve Always Dreamed Of Is Finally Here

LINKS Pregnant Beyoncé still doing Coachella, Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer, CBB finale recap…

Pregnant Beyonce photo

DLISTEDA Pregnant Beyonce Will Still Headline Coachella (And She’s Bringing Guest Performers)

REALITY TEACelebrity Big Brother Finale Recap! See Who Won!

CELEBITCHYNBC accused of ‘whitewashing’ for replacing Tamron Hall with Megyn Kelly

JEZEBELMelissa McCarthy As Sean Spicer Is The Best Thing On SNL In Years

THE BLEMISHSomeone Stole Tom Brady’s Game Jersey

UPROXXRoger Goodell Was Booed Mercilessly When He Handed The Patriots The Super Bowl Trophy

LINKS! Porn Star Super Bowl Bet, RIP Frederick Douglass, Puppy Bowl Spoilers…

Porn star Super Bowl bet

THE BLEMISH These Porn Stars Will Suck You Off If New England Wins The Super Bowl

CELEBITCHY Donald Trump and Sean Spicer Seem To Think That Frederick Douglass Is Still Alive

JEZEBEL We Went To The Puppy Bowl And Brought Back Pictures Of Very Good Doggies And Cats

REALITY TEA Kandi Burruss Didn’t Believe That Porsha Williams’ Doctor’s Note Was Legitimate

VERY SMART BROTHAS I’ve Spent All Morning Trying To Find The Lie In LeBron’s Charles Barkley Clapback

THE SUPERFICIAL Johnny Depp Pisses Away $2 Mil A Month, Says Ex-Manager

DLISTED Chris Brown Admits He’s A Stalker

UPROXX These Times Demand A Diverse Pick For Doctor Who