US Skins

PHOTOS, VIDEO – US Skins MTV: Sofia Black-D’Elia as hot lesbian Tea

Tonight’s Skins episode features the sure to be controversial Tea (Sofia Black D’Elia), a new character for the US remake. Tea is cheerleader, and out-and-proud lesbian (except to her parents) who woos girls and dumps them because she feels like no one is interesting enough. Just the first episode of Skins inciting a firestorm of […]

VIDEO – Rachel Thevenard, Daniel Flaherty, and Camille Cresencia-Mills defend MTV’s “dangerous” US Skins show

According to preliminary reports the MTV’s US version of the UK teen drama Skins is just as raunchy, debauched, and gritty as the original. Unlike other teen dramas that gloss over issues like drugs, sex, mental illness, and the complicated ties of human relationships with superficial representations, Skins succeeds in presenting these issues with a […]