Saturday Night Live

VIDEO Tina Fey’s sheetcaking protest against white supremacy is a thing of furious beauty

Saturday Night Live and University of Virginia alum Tina Fey closed out the latest episode of SNL’s Weekend Update summer edition with a jaw-loosening pro-cake, anti-Nazi speech that you really need to both hear (for its many tasty takedowns) and see (for the one-sided food fight) to appreciate. A quick summary before we get out […]

VIDEO Did the SNL ISIS sketch go too far? Watch it here and decide

An SNL ISIS sketch starring Dakota Johnson aired on NBC on Feb. 28.

On Feb. 28, Fifty Shades of Grey actress Dakota Johnson hosted Saturday Night Live, and starred in the controversial SNL ISIS sketch everyone will be talking about on Monday morning. (Actually, they’re already talking about it online.) Did SNL writers go too far this week? Watch the skit here now and judge for yourself.