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Is LHHH scripted 2

REPORT Love & Hip Hop Hollywood producers outlaw on-camera fights for Season 4

It looks like fans of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood who can’t wait for Season 4 and skeptics who think the whole franchise is a reality TV joke have both gotten a new reason to scratch their heads. According to an unverified report, the LHHH cast has been ordered to keep from fighting on the new episodes of the show. What on earth would that look like? Keep reading for the details…

Did Curse Of Oak Island find anything 2

‘Earth-shattering’ Curse of Oak Island update ramps up the drama as season finale nears

It’s the most common question from fans and detractors alike: Did Curse of Oak Island find anything? And, now that the latest season is coming to a close, speculation about whether Rick and Marty will, at long last, encounter the treasure they’ve spent years digging toward is at an all-time high. Read on for the latest details on their chase…

Lt. Joe Kenda looks to Homicide Hunter for relief from the ‘river of death’ in his brain

Are Joe Kenda's stories true 1

Homicide Hunter‘s Joe Kenda is as unassuming and matter-of-fact in real life as he is on television. The former Colorado Springs homicide detective doesn’t put on airs in part because, in the man’s own words, the effect of his work on his personality has been so profound that he turns to his duties as a narrator in order to unburden himself. Keep reading for more about Kenda’s unbelievable track record, the pride he takes in his show, and what he does when the show occasionally gets something wrong.

Alaska The Last Frontier Season 6 finale ups the dramatic ante for the Kilcher family

Alaska The Last Frontier Season 6 finale 1

The Alaska The Last Frontier Season 6 finale culminates what was probably the Kilchers’ most dramatic episodes yet–something Atz Lee and Jane both winked at with their final Season 6 social media updates. Read on for the pair’s thoughts on each other and the editorial work the show underwent this year.