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“The 25 Most American Things You Can Do Today” by Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson)


In actor Nick Offerman’s recent interview with GQ the 42-year-old actor dishes about a plethora of topics, including how to be a man, how to love a woman, and why he’ll never tweet again. And, as a special Fourth of July bonus, he channels his meat-loving Libertarian character Ron Swanson from NBC’s Parks and Recreation to create his list of “The 25 Most American Things You Can Do Today (That You Can’t Do in Socialist Europe or Some Other Backwater).”

Happy Fourth of July Errybody!

PHOTOS Ron Swanson and Tammy 2 at the 2011 UNICEF Ball


For fans of the greatest post-Michael Scott sitcom on television, this image could be cause for great concern as it would seem to indicate our country’s most rugged lip-broomed Libertarian has once again succumbed to the devilish wiles of Tammy number 2. But, relax all ye fellow fans of Parks and Recreation, Ron Swanson is still the single boat-building, bureaucracy-hating stoic we have all grown to love and admire, this is merely his slightly less Swansontastic real life counterpart, actor Nick Offerman and his real life wife, actress Megan Mullally together at a charity event in Beverly Hills.

Keep reading for the photos as well as all sorts of videos and photos paying tribute to the guy so manly he believes fish meat is “practically a vegetable.”

Nick Offerman high school yearbook photos (aka Ron Swanson)


Although The Office‘s Robert California may eventually give him a run for his money, there is no cooler dude on television right now than Parks and Recreation‘s resident libertarian meat lover Ron Swanson, played by actor Nick Offerman. In case you needed further proof of his awesomeness on screen and off, check out these high school yearbook photos of Nick as a dapper dude (and SGA member?!?) at Minooka High School in 1986/87!

Amy Poehler high school yearbook photos

Amy Poehler high school yearbook photo

Just when I thought I couldn’t like Amy Poehler any more, I ran across these flawless images from the 1989 Burlington High School yearbook in which Amy is sporting a toweringly elegant ’80s hairdo – the construction of which must still be having a negative impact on the ozone layer! Also includes a picture of her as a member of the drama club cheerleader!?!