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LHHATL Joseline Hernandez and Young Dro might be having a baby together after all

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Joseline Hernandez and Young Dro have been a rumored couple for several months–and now, if their social media feeds are any indication, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta co-stars might have revealed that they are, in fact, having a baby together. Joseline has teased fans with her alleged baby bump ever since LHHATL Season 5 came to a close, and has further alleged that several different men might possibly be the baby’s father. Read on for the photos and see whether you think this is just more smoke and mirrors from Joseline…

LHHATL Stevie J faces prison after admitting he skipped 13 years of child support

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It’s been a rough few months for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Stevie J, whose ongoing legal battle over years of missed child support payments might have just taken a turn for the worse. Stevie recently admitted in court that he skipped an accrued ten years of payments, affecting several of his children–and could be facing serious prison time as a result.

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PHOTOS Joseline Hernandez Instagram updates continue to generate skeptics: Is the LHHATL star six months pregnant?

The latest Joseline Hernandez Instagram update features a pair of new baby bump images, alongside captions that allege the LHHATL star is 6 months along. Fans, however, are having none of it: according to popular opinion, it looks like Joseline has actually lost weight over the past few weeks, and her baby bump might be just for show. Read on to see the new photos and find out what you think!

LHHATL Karen King prosecution set to reveal armed robbery, trafficking charges in latest criminal trial

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Karen King, of LHHATL fame, is set to begin her latest legal battle–and prosecutors are planning to make things as difficult as possible for the newest member of the reality TV family. King was arrested earlier this year on fraud and identity theft charges, when a shoplifting ring she was allegedly operating out of a Saks Fifth Avenue in Atlanta was discovered by police. As part of the evidence against her, the state is assembling a laundry list of prior convictions, some of them never before unearthed–read on for the latest.

LHHATL Tammy Rivera and Waka tease pregnancy plans

Tammy Rivera and Waka 2

It looks like Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka Flame might have changed their minds about pregnancy! The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star couple, who’ve gone back and forth on the issue over the past few months (and who’ve been subject to more than one pregnancy rumor) recently shared a social media update that suggested they’re finally ready. Read on for the latest!

LHHATL Pregnant Joseline Hernandez posts baby bump proof from doctor’s office in silky slip dress


Joseline Hernandez is still pregnant and still trying to prove it to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans. The latest batch of receipts comes in the form of photos taken in what looks to be a doctor’s office bathroom, where Joseline shows off her growing baby bump in a skin-tight silky slip dress.