Late Show with David Letterman

Lindsay Lohan cries on Letterman, Liza Minnelli claims she was recruited to stage intervention


Lindsay Lohan appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman last night and got grilled by the host about rehab and addiction. A short while into the interview, Lindsay began crying over the tough questions which makes her the second young star to be brought to tears by Dave (Justin Bieber was another — allegedly). Then, this morning, Liza Minnelli came forward claiming to have been recruited to stage an intervention for the troubled star.

VIDEO Selena Gomez jokes (we think) about making Justin Bieber cry


Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber split earlier this year and since then, they’ve been pretty mum on the break-up. Sure, they’ve dropped a few hints about being single and Selena even made a video about a “douchebag,” but nothing too direct. Last night, Selena appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman where Justin’s name was finally brought up and this time, Selena didn’t hold back.

Charlie Sheen’s daughter Cassandra Estevez Huffman is pregnant


Notorious bad boy and tiger blood aficionado Charlie Sheen is going to be a grandpa! After some serious prying by David Letterman, the former Two and a Half Men star announced that his daughter Cassandra Estevez is expecting a baby on last night’s The Late Show. However, Charlie isn’t exactly thrilled with his new title. Keep reading to find out exactly how Charlie broke the news and to see photos of Charlie, Cassandra, and Cassandra’s mother Paula Speert!

VIDEO The Heavy receive rare encore request from David Letterman on The Late Show

The Heavy on the Late Show with David Letterman

English indie rock/soul band The Heavy performed “How You Like Me Now?” on The Late Show with David Letterman January 19 and Dave enjoyed the performance so much he asked the band to do it again while the audience stood in ovation! The electric, big-brassed song is from their critically acclaimed sophomore album, The House That Dirt Built, released last October.

Watch their rocking performance!