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Gold Rush star Dakota Fred Hurt’s wife Lorrayne Hurt passed away earlier today

Former Gold Rush star Dakota Fred Hurt shared some very sad news with his fans on Facebook today, announcing that his wife Lorrayne Hurt passed away earlier today. Keep reading for his announcement as well as some previous updates he shared on her health earlier this year which included, “We’ve both have had full, and happy, lives…..Let the chips fall where they may.”

VIDEO Gold Rush’s Todd Hoffman shows off basketball skills, Parker Schnabel not impressed


Any fan of Discovery’s popular reality series Gold Rush knows that Todd Hoffman is extremely skilled at…ummm… Well, anyways, who knew the portly aspiring miner has some mad basketball skillz?!? Todd took to his Facebook page yesterday to share a video of himself doing some fancy dribbling and even dunking by jumping over a car! Still, his on-screen rival Parker Schnabel was unimpressed, and the 21-year-old took to Facebook to do what Todd does so well — throw shade. (See what I did there?) Keep reading to watch the video, read Schnarker Schnabel’s comments, and also find out how you can get a job on the Hoffman Crew!

Facebook fans interview Gold Rush’s Grandpa John Schnabel


Tonight’s episode of Gold Rush is dedicated to fan favorite 94-year-old grandpatriarch John Schnabel, and in honor of the event, Discovery managed the seemingly impossible and got Grandpa John on Facebook to answer questions from his millions of fans! The result was just as you would expect — informative, heart-warming, and often hilarious.

Gold Rush’s Parker Schnabel says Grandpa John Schnabel is cancer free


Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel shares some great news with fans, revealing that his 94-year-old grandpa, and fan favorite gold miner, John Schnabel is cancer free after four years! Keep reading for Parker’s joyful announcement and see a throwback photo of grandpa John as a young man when he was a spitting image of Parker!

VIDEOS Gold Rush Parker Schnabel on his long hair, Todd Hoffman addresses haters, reads mean comment


Gold Rush miners Parker Schnabel and Todd Hoffman talk with the show’s Executive Producer Christo Doyle in a couple preview clips for The Dirt. Parker addresses his “Scooby Doo, Shaggy” new look and Todd Hoffman reads a hater’s Facebook comment and responds in kind before proclaiming, “you got burned by the Big Dog.”

VIDEO Discovery announces Gold Rush Season 5 premiere date, cast shuffle


Discovery found the ratings g|ory hole with their mining series Gold Rush, and the network has just officially announced when its number one show will be returning for a fifth season, as well as details about which miners will be back and where! Plus, watch the extended Season 5 preview trailer!

Why did Dakota Fred Hurt leave Gold Rush? Get his side of the story


We broke the news last month that miners Dakota Fred Hurt and son Dustin Hurt would not be returning for Gold Rush Season 5, and it was later revealed that they are instead working on their own documentary titled All That Glitters. So why did Dakota Fred not come back? The candid mining vet took to Facebook yesterday and revealed what everyone suspected: it mostly came down to money. Keep reading for his full statement as well as his response to rumors about how much he and his crew were paid to be on Gold Rush.