Deadliest Catch

DEADLIEST CATCH Sig Hansen responds to daughter’s molestation allegations


The estranged daughter of charismatic sea-captain Sig Hansen has sued The Deadliest Catch star, alleging that he sexually abused her as a toddler. The suit highlights a contentious divorce between the girl’s mother and the fisherman, the 1990 arrest of Hansen following an initial accusation, as well as varying expert opinions on what possibly happened.

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Are the Deadliest Catch captains paid 1

Are the Deadliest Catch captains paid? Discovery’s massively popular series has just introduced a brand-new spinoff–and the ‘Dungeon Cove’ variant offers a whole host of new challenges for cast members and viewers alike. Read on to find out about some of the compensatory issues related to reality TV and the most dangerous job in America!

VIDEO PHOTOS Meet Deadliest Catch female deckhand Amy Majors from the Wizard


Tonight, on an all new episode of Discovery’s award-winning reality series Deadliest Catch, things get interesting when the Wizard’s Captain Keith Colburn goes against his superstitious nature and hires his first-ever female deckhand, Amy Majors. Keep reading to watch a video clip intro for Amy in which the crew of the Wizard have mixed reactions to having her on board. Plus, get a little background info on Amy, including her history as a fisher and how she got the job on the Wizard.