Catfish’s Ashley Sawyer has died at age 23

Ashley Sawyer, a cast member from the 2nd season of MTV’s Catfish, has died of unknown causes. MTV News verified that Sawyer passed away over the weekend in Alabama. Get statements from her sister and MTV, as well as Max Joseph’s reaction on the tragic news that comes just a couple of years after the news that the person she was looking for during her episode, Michael Fortunato, had died at age 26.

Father catfishes daughter into sending nude photos online

Father catfishes daughter 1

A New York man is in custody and faces up to 250 years in prison after being caught catfishing his own daughter into sending him a series of nude photos. The daughter, whose name has been withheld in order to protect her privacy, had been led to believe she was communicating with a teenaged boy. The father is facing a series of child pornography charges–keep reading for all the details.

SISTER WIVES Meri Brown’s catfish finishes book, still loves Meri, took trip to Paris and Dubai, etc.


Get all the latest from Sister Wives star Meri Brown’s infamous catfish Samuel Cooper, who Meri claims is actually a woman named Jacquelyn “Jackie” Overton. Sam reveals that “he” has finished his book about his relationship with Meri, and hopes to have it available in ebook form before Christmas. He also shares updates on his recent business travels to Paris and Dubai, his undying love for Meri, and his plan to adopt.


SISTER WIVES Meri Brown’s catfish Jacquelyn Jackie Overton arrested


Sister Wives star Meri Brown made headlines last month when she admitted to having an emotional affair with a businessman named Sam Cooper, who later turned out to be a catfish and con woman named Jackie Overton. On Wednesday, Meri got a little bit of justice as Jackie (real name Jacqueline Overton) was arrested in Oklahoma along with her mother, Della Overton.

Catfish’s Tracey Barbie goes viral with ‘Being raped felt amazing’ photo


MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show has had its fair share of eccentric characters over its four-season run, but few were more memorable than Season 4’s Tracey Armah, a.k.a. Tracey Barbie. After her jaw-dropping appearance on the show, Tracey has continued her online antics, but, instead of stealing other people’s identities, she is pushing her own — and her own is CUH-razy! Keep reading for lots of horrible examples from her Facebook timeline, including one of her many rape joke selfies that caught the attention of Reddit’s “Trashy” subreddit.