RETURN TO AMISH Is Mama Mary’s bed and breakfast open?

On this season of Return To Amish, fans have seen Mama Mary Schmucker and her crew attempt to renovate an old house–which turns out to be haunted–and convert it into an Amish bed and breakfast. (Who could have guessed that way back in Season 1?) So: what is the fate of the Mama Maryott hotel? Mary herself answered that question on Facebook earlier today!

PHOTOS Return To Amish’s Chapel Schmucker’s sister Ashley hospitalized after serious car accident


The bad luck continues for Return To Amish star Chapel Schmucker and her family. Chapel’s sister Ashley Vega was airlifted to a Pittsburgh hospital after being involved in a serious car accident. Keep reading for updates from Chapel and Ashley’s mother Regina as well as some rather graphic photos of Ashley’s injuries.

PHOTOS Breaking Amish model Kate Stoltz gets a nose job


Over the last few years, fans of TLC’s Breaking Amish have been able to follow the amazing journey of star Katie Stoltzfus, who left the Amish community in hopes of pursuing a professional modeling career — and then MADE IT HAPPEN! Obviously, Katie (who now goes by Kate Stoltz) has needed to make a lot of adjustments over the last few years, and in the upcoming season she reveals one of the most dramatic adjustments yet: to her nose, as in plastic surgery!

Why is Sabrina not on Return to Amish this season?


When Breaking Amish: Return To Amish returns to TLC tonight, one member of the original cast will be missing: former Mennonite Sabrina High. Her absence from the preview clips and the promotional material for the new season had many people asking if she was going to be on the show at all, and, if not, why? Sabrina, her cast mates, and TLC have remained completely quiet on the subject–until this weekend, when Sabrina reluctantly posted an explanation on a Facebook group about the show in response to a rumor that wasn’t true.

Jeremiah Raber says Breaking Amish is 60 percent real, selling Amish themed e-juice flavors for e-cigs


Breaking Amish bad boy Jeremiah Raber will be returning to TLC along with all of the other original cast members (except Sabrina) for a fourth, and reportedly last, season on May 31. The 35-year-old father of three recently sat down with Blastzone Online and talked about how he originally got on the show, what fans can expect this season, and how much of Breaking Amish is actually unscripted. Plus, check out this Amish entrepreneur’s (Amtrepreneur?) latest business venture: a line of e-juices for vaporizers with Amish-themed flavors like Bishop’s Choice!

VIDEO Breaking Amish Return To Amish 2015 preview trailer


The Breaking Amish OGs return to TLC on May 31 for their fourth (and reportedly last) season, and earlier this week the network released the first preview trailer that indicates fans are in for lots of drama, including more arrests, medical emergencies, and Jeremiah being a dad! Keep reading to watch clip and see a list of things in it that we did know about, and the things we didn’t!

Breaking Amish’s Mama Mary Schmucker says this is her last season


It’s the end of an era as Breaking Amish matriarch Mama Mary Schmucker announced today that the upcoming season of TLC’s Breaking Amish: Return to Amish will be her last. Keep reading for Mary’s explanation for her departure — plus,  Jeremiah Raber revealed some rather shocking news about what fans can expect to see as part of his story line this season!