Breaking Amish‘s Sabrina High to regain custody of daughter Oakley

As we reported last month, Breaking Amish‘s Sabrina is currently sober and seems to really be getting her life back together after moving back in with her parents. However, there was still one major piece missing: her 17-month-old daughter Oakley. Due to her drug addiction issues, Sabrina lost custody of Oakley, but got some great news in court on Wednesday! Keep reading for the news, as well as more updates from Sabrina on her current relationship status with Oakley’s dad, Harry Kreiser III.

UPDATE Breaking Amish’s Sabrina High is sober, has moved in with her parents


Because of her struggle with addiction, original Breaking Amish cast member Sabrina High did not come back for the most recent season of Return To Amish. We are happy to report that she has been sober for several months and appears to be doing great! Keep reading for all the updates from Sabrina, including recent photos of her, her daughter Oakley, and her reunion with Mama Mary Schmucker earlier today!

Return To Amish’s Chapel Peace out of jail, headed to rehab, apologizes to fans


Return To Amish star Chapel Peace is out of jail a little more than two weeks after being arrested for heroin and Valium possession last month. In a Facebook post late last night, Chapel apologized to family, friends, and fans and revealed that she will be entering rehab as part of her bail agreement. She also reportedly reached out to a Breaking Amish Facebook group asking for names of anyone who donated to her GoFundMe account set up late last year to fund her cancer treatment so she can eventually pay them back. Keep reading for her full statement as well as words of support from her former co-star Sabrina, who is currently recovering from her own drug addiction issues.

Breaking Amish LA’s Betsy Yoder gives birth 12 weeks premature, ‘Mom and baby are doing Great’


Breaking Amish: LA star Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Yoder and her husband Allen Yoder welcomed their first daughter Jolena last night. Born 12 weeks premature, little Jolena tipped the scales at 1 pound, 14 ounces, and measured 12.5 inches. Keep reading for the reasonsthey needed the emergency C-section, and find out how you can help Betsy and Allen!

RETURN TO AMISH Is Mama Mary’s bed and breakfast open?


On this season of Return To Amish, fans have seen Mama Mary Schmucker and her crew attempt to renovate an old house–which turns out to be haunted–and convert it into an Amish bed and breakfast. (Who could have guessed that way back in Season 1?) So: what is the fate of the Mama Maryott hotel? Mary herself answered that question on Facebook earlier today!

PHOTOS Return To Amish’s Chapel Schmucker’s sister Ashley hospitalized after serious car accident


The bad luck continues for Return To Amish star Chapel Schmucker and her family. Chapel’s sister Ashley Vega was airlifted to a Pittsburgh hospital after being involved in a serious car accident. Keep reading for updates from Chapel and Ashley’s mother Regina as well as some rather graphic photos of Ashley’s injuries.