Big Brother Season 14

MUG SHOT Big Brother’s Willie Hantz arrested for drunk driving

Big Brother 14 Willie Hantz mugshot photo

Big Brother villain Willie Hantz was arrested in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana at 2:07 AM this morning. The incident comes just days after Willie was thrown out of the house after a verbal dispute led to a head-butt attempt on one of his co-stars. Willie was allegedly drunk at the time of his arrest and later charged with an OWI.

VIDEO Willie Hantz explains BB14 expulsion with the Hantz family

I bet Big Brother was banking on having themselves a loose cannon in the form of Willie Hantz. As everyone found out immediately after the cast was announced, Willie is the brother of legendary Survivor villain Russell Hantz, and the dude didn’t disappoint the family name. As hamsterwatchers and starcasm readers already knew while the rest of the BB14 community discovered last night, Willie got his Hantz backside tossed to the curb after going noes to nose with chef “don’t back down from a fight” Joe. See the showdown and then get Willie’s side of the story from an interview via enHantzed, conducted by a bunch of other partially shaven tattooed Hantz men.

Willie Hantz evicted from Big Brother 14 house after reportedly headbutting Joe

It seems reality show villainy runs in the Hantz family! Big Brother 14 contestant Willie Hantz, younger brother of Survivor villain Russell Hantz, was reportedly thrown out of the Big Brother house earlier this evening after exploding in a rage and reportedly headbutting fellow houseguest Joe Arvin! And when we say “thrown out,” we don’t mean evicted, we mean thrown out — for good! Keep reading for all the details!

PHOTOS Bikini bodies galore from the Big Brother 14 live feed!

It’s summertime in the land of reality television which means it’s time for the annual bikini post from the Big Brother live feed! We’re just a few days into the full voyeur service but Season 14 of BB isn’t disappointing as plenty of eye-opening shots custom-made for some screen cappin’ have surfaced. Hot new additions JoJo, Danielle, Kara, Ashley and Jenn combined with veteran loveliness in the form of Janelle and Britney has resulted in a house all stuffed full of bikini stuffin’ goodness! Enough blog yapping, let’s get down to it. Here are just a few of the highlights that must have little Ian giggling all day and night!

Shane Meaney of Big Brother 14 modeling photos, video

Another Big Brother 14 cast member profile and another model! This time up we have hunky Vermont stud Shane Meaney who’s listed as merely a house flipper in his bio. He is that but he’s so much more as Mr. Meaney has tried to launch a career as a model as well as a personal trainer. He was Cosmo’s 2010 Bachelor of the Year nominee from Vermont. Read on for some serious man-chest action including a training video spot as well as some bio info on the beefcake who’s certainly open for a showmance.

Frank Eudy of Big Brother 14 is the son of wrestler Sid Vicious

While Frank Eudy of Big Brother 14 may come across as harmless enough in his CBS bio the other house guests better recognize… He is the son of wrestling legend Sid Eudy, aka Sid Vicious — “The Man That Rules the World!” See some classic clips of Frank’s old man who is 6’9″ and 317lbs of living, breathing destruction including a clip of Sid breaking his leg brutishly after launching himself from the ropes!

Ashley Iocco of Big Brother 14 is the owner of Bronzique mobile airbrush tanning

When I first read about Ashley Iocco of Big Brother 14 and her spray tan profession I thought of two things. The first was Tennille Cardinal who got to spray tan a seriously buff Mark Wahlberg and the second was that it might be the most interesting career of any house guest I can recall. Find out about Ashley’s business (literally) and see a seriously random music video featuring her as a young conservative’s girlfriend.

VIDEOS Jenn Arroyo of Big Brother 14 rocking out with Kittie and Suicide City

Something tells me that rocker Jenn Arroyo isn’t going to have a hard time expressing herself or her opinions in the Big Brother 14 house. The 37-year-old from Brooklyn is a seasoned musical veteran having been the bassist in Canadian alternative metal group Kittie as well as the New York City band Suicide City. Check out Jenn rocking hard with both of the bands including a gig at CBGB as well as bio info and some great candid photos.