Best Funeral Ever

VIDEO TLC’s Best Funeral Ever returns with breakfast, bowling, wedding and Olympics funerals

It appears that the headline-grabbing barbeque-themed backdoor pilot episode of Best Funeral Ever was successful enough to merit the return of TLC cameras to the Golden Gate Funeral Home in Dallas, Texas to bring viewers more over-the-top themed funeral services as part of a seven-episode run of Best Funeral Ever. The series premieres tonight at 10/9c with two back-to-back half-hour episodes with four total funerals, including services with bowling, wedding, Olympics and breakfast themes. Keep reading for more info on what to expect thi season as well as a preview clip of a service for the breakfast-loving Quinton that included a milk carton lectern, people dressed in pancake, bacon and egg costumes, a fruit-adorned casket, cereal boxes and more with Quinton’s likeness, a choir singing a custom breakfast hymn, and pancakes, eggs and bacon for everyone cooked on the spot. After all, breakfast is a meal meant for mourning, right? 😉