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90 Day Fiance Josh and Aika filming What Now

90 DAY FIANCE Josh and Aika seen filming again for TLC, is it for Happily Ever After?

90 Day Fiance star Josh Batterson was the first to admit that he had a pretty bad track record as far as relationships go, but it seems that he and his Filipino bride Aika are defying the naysayers as they appear to still be happily married and enjoying their lives together. And fans will apparently get to see more of the couple soon as Josh recently shared photos of a TLC camera crew at his house!

AUDIO LYRICS Evelyn Cormier’s new song ‘Eyes’ calls out her haters

Evelyn Cormier Eyes song lyrics

After emerging as one of the 90 Day Fiance franchise’s most criticized cast members, teen singer/songwriter Evelyn Cormier is using her musical talents to call out her detractors. In her brand new single, titled “Eyes” and released earlier today, Evelyn lashes out at these “thieves of joy” who “hurl words like stones” but are “lost like sheep.”

90 DAY FIANCE Evelyn Cormier joins Patreon, will perform at your house for $12,000

With her wedding behind her, 90 Day Fiance star Evelyn Cormier is back to focusing on her aspirations of becoming a professional singer/songwriter, and she is giving fans a chance to partner with her financially via the Patreon membership subscription service. Keep reading to see all the reward tiers, which includes Evelyn and the band playing at your house (or special event) for just $12,000!

90 DAY FIANCE Sean & Abby’s Haiti charity Christmas event photos, Sean addresses backlash and fraud accusations

90 Day Fiance couple Sean and Abby shared numerous photos and videos from their Christmas toy giveaway and meal in Haiti this week, during which nearly 300 kids got gift bags and a meal cooked by Abby’s family. Despite the joy and good vibes evident in the photos and videos, some fans are concerned that some of the money raised by the couple didn’t go towards the event — so Sean responded at length (minus the Christmas joy) and said they will be posting receipts for everything soon.