16 and Pregnant

16 & Pregnant’s Kristina (Robinson) Head pregnant with second child


16 and Pregnant Season 4 star Kristina Robinson had by far the most emotional story in the show’s history as her fiance, and father of her unborn child, Todd Hight, Jr. drowned off the coast of Texas during filming. After an extremely stressful time that included her son Lukas being born two months early and a falling out with Todd’s family, Kristina seems to have been able to gain some stability in her life with new husband TJ Head. But, things are about to get a little hectic because Kristina just announced she is expecting another son in January!

16 & Pregnant’s Jennifer Del Rio files for sole custody of twins after fleeing children’s father


Jennifer Del Rio and Josh Smith’s explosive relationship was documented during the former’s memorable episode of 16 & Pregnant. There were back and forth accusations between the parents of twin sons Joshua and Noah which later included multiple restraining orders, all kinds of accusations and arrests. Jennifer ended up disappearing but has now surfaced over a 1,000 miles away and is seeking sole custody via the courts.

16 & Pregnant’s Sarah Roberts dating ex-boyfriend of Ashley Salazar

Ashley Salazar Jordan Baker and Sarah Roberts

Ashley Salazar just found out some interesting news. One of her ex-boyfriends is dating her fellow 16 & Pregnant mommy Sarah Roberts — how’s that for a small world? As if that news wasn’t strange enough, Sarah’s baby daddy has some news of his own.. baby news!

UPDATE – Ashley addresses why she and Jordan really broke up, discounting reports that it was because she was “baby crazy.”

16 & Pregnant Danielle Cunningham mug shot photo


As we reported earlier, 16 and Pregnant Season 3 alum Danielle Cunningham was arrested on Saturday after reportedly getting into a heated argument with her grandmother. The 18-year-old single mom was charged with domestic violence after the argument escalated and police were called. At the time of our previous post we were unable to round up a mugshot, but thanks to Busted Mug Shots and Danielle herself, we now have the newest addition to the 16 and Pregnant Alumni Association mug shot collection! Keep reading to see the full photo as well as Danielle’s light-hearted commentary about her arrest.

MUG SHOT Whitney Purvis’ ex Weston Gosa arrested for DUI, drug possession

Weston Gosa

It looks like someone partied a little too hard on the 4th of July! 16 & Pregnant star Whitney Purvis’ baby daddy, Weston Gosa, was arrested yesterday in Georgia after crashing his car. On top of being drunk, Gosa was also in the possession of drugs at the time he was arrested! (It should be noted that in addition to celebrating the birth of our nation, Weston was also celebrating his own, as his birthday is July 4.) Keep reading for the details of his arrest and his snoozy mug shot.

Lindsey Harrison catches baby’s father Forrest cheating!


Lindsey Harrison has had enough of her baby daddy drama. Not only did she catch her baby’s father Forrest cheating, he allegedly got physical with her in front of their daughter, Aniya! On top of all that, he was allgedly using drugs and had even brought them into their home! This 16 & Pregnant (who is rumoreded to be cast on Teen Mom 3) star needs to get her daughter far, far away from Forrest — and that is exactly what she has done.