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16 & Pregnant update: Ebony Jackson-Rendon, husband allowed visitation with daughter Jocelyn


Last month Ebony Jackson-Rendon and husband Josh, original cast members of 16 & Pregnant, were arrested by authorities mainly due to the untenable living conditions of their home in Jacksonville, Arkansas. Their daughter Jocelyn was taken into custody and since then they’ve worked hard at cleaning their house and their lives up. Their dedication has paid off as they’ve now been granted visitation rights. Read on for the good news including what the parameters of their visitation schedule are now and when they might expect to regain full custody.

UPDATE 16 & Pregnant’s Danielle Cunningham is NOT pregnant again


We reported yesterday that 16 and Pregnant vet Danielle Cunningham was expecting a second child after receiving a positive result on a pregnancy test. According to her friend with LifeOfATeenMom.com Danielle had a doctor’s appointment earlier today during which she found out she IS NOT pregnant. Keep reading for the full announcement as well as an additional comment from Facebook that offers a little more info on what may have caused the false positive on the pregnancy test.

16 & Pregnant’s Danielle Cunningham pregnant with second child


If MTV decides to start a new reality series titled 17 and Pregnant they have a potential cast member with 16 and Pregnant alum Danielle Cunningham, who is reportedly pregnant with her second child. Keep reading for the announcement from Danielle’s friend as well as a photo of the actual pregnancy test! Plus, find out who the daddy is! (There’s now way it’s Jamie Alderman again, right?!?)

16 and Pregnant’s Ebony Jackson interior house photos released

Police photos released from inside 16 & Pregnant star Ebony Jackson's house

Jacksonville, Arkansas police have released some disturbing photos taken inside the home of 16 and Pregnant star Ebony Jackson and husband Josh Rendon. The two were arrested earlier this week for child endangerment because of the conditions in the home, which reportedly included “human and dog feces on the floor, walls, and clothing.” They are also facing numerous drug charges after authorities found drugs and drug paraphernalia on the premises, which can be seen in a couple of the photos.

16 & Pregnant Ebony Jackson update: Husband could be kicked out of Air Force


16 & Pregnant cast members Ebony Jackson and husband Josh Rendon were arrested earlier this week after their house was investigated when Child Protective Services was called. According to the arrest report, dog and human feces covered the house and a slight trace of synthetic marijuana was found. Following this it appears that Josh may be booted from the military following the filed charges of endangering the welfare of a minor and drug possession.

16 & Pregnant’s Ebony Jackson arrested, baby taken, house covered in feces


Arkansas Child Protective Services received a complaint about the living conditions of the home of 16 & Pregnant’s Ebony Jackson, her husband Josh Rendon and 2-year-old daughter Jocelyn. After authorities arrived the scene was so “deplorable” that they had the couple arrested and CPS took away their baby girl. Find out just how bad it was (maggots, dog and human feces) from the official arrest report and what Josh had to say about the situation.