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NEW DNA INFORMATION: Who kidnapped Sherri Papini?


A year ago yesterday, November 2, 2016, Sherri Papini disappeared while jogging, leaving her husband and son distraught. She was discovered three weeks later in the early morning of Thanksgiving Day on the side of the rode. Her hands and feet were bound. According to her husband she was painfully thin, covered in bruises and had been “branded.” Some Internet sleuths dismissed Papini’s fraught kidnapping story as a hoax and now new details have emerged in this puzzling case.

Army Sergeant Emile Cilliers attempted to murder his wife with pre-skydive parachute tampering (and also via gas leak)

Emile Cilliers' two murder attempts against wife

A British Army sergeant is currently on trial for attempting to murder his wife by sabotaging her parachute, then sending her on a skydive and whistling in the corner. Per the Independent, Emile Cilliers merely “suggested” that his wife Victoria, a “highly experienced [skydiving] instructor,” go enjoy herself by leaping from an airplane, having already […]

VIDEO Detective Rod Demery explains the ‘closure’ he got from forgiving his mother’s murderer

Rod Demery's mother 2

The murder of Detective Rod Demery’s mother was arguably the single most significant event in Demery’s life, and the Murder Chose Me star recently opened up about the story behind his own investigation of her murder for Dr. Oz. Demery appeared on Oz’s show earlier this year, while promoting Murder Chose Me Season 1; the […]

Woman fakes her own kidnapping on Facebook 3

MUG SHOT Woman fakes her own kidnapping on Facebook, then gets arrested

38-year-old Thelma Williams, of Middletown OH, was arrested and charged with “making false alarms” after filming a pair of Facebook videos in which she claimed she’d been kidnapped by a mysterious masked assailant. According to WKRC Cincinnati, Williams accused “a masked man, maybe named Tony,” of breaking into her house, tying her up, and cutting […]

18-year-old Indiana woman charged with attempted murder after poisoning 11-week-old niece’s bottle: ‘I don’t have an ounce of guilt’

Sarai Rodriguez-Miranda mug shot

Sarai Rodriguez-Miranda, a 19-year-old Indiana woman, has been charged with attempted murder after poisoning a bottle of milk intended for her 11-week-old niece. According to the original story in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, the woman was upset “was angry that her mother was allowing her brother, his fiancĂ©, and their 11-week old daughter to […]