True Crime


KILLING RICHARD GLOSSIP Documentary explores new evidence in possible wrongful conviction for 1997 murder

Investigation Discovery’s four-part Killing Richard Glossip documentary takes a comprehensive look at the case of an Oklahoma man sentenced to death for a murder that police know he didn’t commit, and that Glossip has argued for years he had nothing to do with. The miniseries was produced by acclaimed filmmaker Joe Berlinger, best-known for his […]

MURDER CHOSE ME Detective Demery reveals how he was able to get a confession every time

Is Murder Chose Me real 3

It’s hardly unusual for a reality TV show to have to fight back against claims that part or all of the show is fake. But Investigation Discovery’s Murder Chose Me is hardly a typical reality show–in fact, while it does use elements of reality TV, the show is more closely related to a true crime […]

When Booty Injections Go Wrong Wee Wee 2

MUG SHOTS When Booty Injections Go Wrong: Dallas woman convicted on murder charge for giving lethal butt shots

In unfortunate-but-true news, a jury in Dallas deliberated for two days before finding amateur plastic surgeon Denise Ross guilty of murder following a botched butt injection that led to the death of her client. Dallas News reports that in February of 2015 Ross injected industrial-grade silicone into the posterior of one Wykeshia Reid. But the […]

PHOTOS VIDEO ID’s I Am Homicide confirmed for Season 2; summer airdate rumored

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I Am Homicide was one of true crime network Investigation Discovery’s breakout hits of 2016. The show’s depiction of former Charlotte Detective Garry McFadden real-life exploits, in a confessional / dramatization style reminiscent of ID’s signature hit Homicide Hunter, made for a ratings boon. (It also helped pave the way for Murder Chose Me, ID’s […]

COLD CASE FILES Who murdered Ed and Minnie Maurin? Three-decade mystery haunts Washington town

How real is A&E's Cold Case Files 2

It was one of the most baffling cases in Washington state history: Who murdered Ed and Minnie Maurin? The December 1985 killings went unsolved for nearly three full decades, thanks largely to a frustrating lack of evidence at the crime scene. With neither fingerprints to run down nor a murder weapon to trace, investigators from […]

A&E’s reboot of Cold Case Files aims for ‘movie-style’ recreation of real-life unsolved murders

How real is A&E's Cold Case Files 2

A&E’s latest contribution to the burgeoning True Crime genre of documentary shows is a fresh take on an old favorite for many. The Bill Kurtis-helmed Cold Case Files originally ran for seven years, generated a syndication-worthy 125 episodes, and garnered a handful of Emmy nominations and wins. The show’s methodical examination of infamous unsolved murders […]