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PHOTOS VIDEO ID’s I Am Homicide confirmed for Season 2; summer airdate rumored

I Am Homicide was one of true crime network Investigation Discovery’s breakout hits of 2016. The show’s depiction of former Charlotte Detective Garry McFadden real-life exploits, in a confessional / dramatization style reminiscent of ID’s signature hit Homicide Hunter, made for a ratings boon. (It also helped pave the way for Murder Chose Me, ID’s […]

COLD CASE FILES Who murdered Ed and Minnie Maurin? Three-decade mystery haunts Washington town

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It was one of the most baffling cases in Washington state history: Who murdered Ed and Minnie Maurin? The December 1985 killings went unsolved for nearly three full decades, thanks largely to a frustrating lack of evidence at the crime scene. With neither fingerprints to run down nor a murder weapon to trace, investigators from […]

A&E’s reboot of Cold Case Files aims for ‘movie-style’ recreation of real-life unsolved murders

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A&E’s latest contribution to the burgeoning True Crime genre of documentary shows is a fresh take on an old favorite for many. The Bill Kurtis-helmed Cold Case Files originally ran for seven years, generated a syndication-worthy 125 episodes, and garnered a handful of Emmy nominations and wins. The show’s methodical examination of infamous unsolved murders […]

PHOTO Details of Detective Rod Demery’s brother’s murder charges and conviction from 1994

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Every season of Investigation Discovery’s podcast Detective is devoted to a different one of the network’s real-life detectives (turned reality TV star). Murder Chose Me‘s Rod Demery is the featured guest for Season 3, and a recent interview explained the full story behind Rod Demery’s brother’s arrest and conviction for murder. As Rod shared in […]

Rod Demery mother

MURDER CHOSE ME Detective Rod Demery explains how his mother’s murder led him to life as an investigator

The circumstances of the Rod Demery mother murder are these. Barbara Sue Demery was shot to death in Sweeny TX on May 8th, 1969. Rod was 3; his brother Patrick was 5. Barbara was living with her new husband, Jerry Armstead, at the time; Barbara was in her “early 20s,” while Jerry was “eighteen years […]

Lt. Joe Kenda looks to Homicide Hunter for relief from the ‘river of death’ in his brain

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Homicide Hunter‘s Joe Kenda is as unassuming and matter-of-fact in real life as he is on television. The former Colorado Springs homicide detective doesn’t put on airs in part because, in the man’s own words, the effect of his work on his personality has been so profound that he turns to his duties as a narrator in order to unburden himself. Keep reading for more about Kenda’s unbelievable track record, the pride he takes in his show, and what he does when the show occasionally gets something wrong.

MURDER CHOSE ME Detective Rod Demery’s superhuman success makes for reality TV gold

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Murder Chose Me, Investigation Discovery’s latest look at the lurid side of human existence, focuses on the superhuman efforts of a Louisana detective named Rod Demery–whose 100% confession rate made him a legend among his peers. Read on for a closer look at both Detective Demery’s illustrious career and at what it took to bring his life to your TV screen.