Fashionistas Ken dolls hair styles

PHOTOS New Fashionistas Ken dolls offer man bun, hoodie, corn rows, and more!

Mattel has just unveiled their newest line of “Fashionistas” Ken dolls, and the internet is pretty much freaking out. Billed by Mattel as the “Next Gen Ken,” the ultra-hip new Kens come in a range of hairstyles that include a man bun and corn rows, with clothing options that include a hoodie, spiked metallic silver hightops, and LOTS of plaid. In addition, to continue to promote diversity in their Barbie line, the new Kens come in a range of skin tones as well.

PHOTOS Alleged Arizona Lego thieves arrested with $200,000 worth of Legos

Forget gold bricks, it appears the real money is in little plastic bricks! That seemed to be the mentality of four suspected Lego thieves arrested in Arizona this week after police concluded a four-month sting operation by searching their property and finding more than $200,000 worth of the popular building blocks, many of which were stolen and being resold or returned to stores as exchanges.