Wardrobe Malfunction

VIDEO Anne Hathaway responds to wardrobe malfunction at Les Miserables Premiere

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Actress Anne Hathaway caused quote the buzz this week after a paparazzo caught the 31-year-old underwearless actress in a compromising position exiting her vehicle at the Les Miserables Premiere Monday night. Anne has since been making the media rounds promoting the film and has expressed her dismay over the picture making its way onto the internet.

PHOTO Anne Hathaway wardrobe malfunction at Les Miserables Premiere


Actress Anne Hathaway was more like Anne Hathnopanties as she pulled a Britney Spears getting out of her vehicle while arriving at the premiere of Les Miserables in New York City Monday night. The fact that the 30-year-old actress went commando for the event seemed appropriate given the rest of her attire, which included a racy black Tom Ford dress with matching black bondage footwear.

Kris Jenner tweets nip slip photo of herself in a Wonder Woman costume


Everybody knows how much reality show matriarch Kris Jenner loves sharing her girls with the world, but usually that just means her daughters! The 56-year-old mother of six took to instagram and Twitter last night to share a captionless photo of herself in a Wonder Woman Halloween costume, apparently not realizing the top of the costume was not “Keeping up with the Kardashians” so to speak.

Wind blowing, Kourtney Kardashian exposing wardrobe malfunction.


I loose an important philosophical question into the pop culture world. If it’s a Kardashian can we officially call it a wardrobe malfunction? The answer my friends was blowing in the wind yesterday at the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami. Check out Kourtney as some wind combined with a short skirt, miniscule underwear and a paparazzi camera for a little moon over Miami.

French magazine “Closer” publishes Kate Middleton, Duchess Catharine topless photos


Newlyweds Kate Middleton and Prince William recently went on vacation to France and stayed at the Queen’s nephew’s chateau, which they thought had a private balcony. The Princess decided to do a little sunbathing sans bikini top, and was caught on camera by a rather industrious photographer. The Kate Middleton topless photos found their way into (and on the cover of!) the French magazine Closer, and needless to say, the Royal family is fuming.

PHOTO Spanish women’s water polo player suffers Olympics’ first wardrobe malfunction!

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What’s a huge televised sporting event without a woman’s boob popping out? (Cue: Janet Jackson’s “Nasty Girl”)

NBC had a D’ohlympics moment during a rare, non-tape-delayed segment (otherwise known as “live”) of the women’s water polo match between Spain and the United Steats States. NBC cut to an underwater view of the action and just as the broadcaster commented, ‘You see a lot of suit grabbing going on underwater,’ US player Kamie Craig tugged on an opposing Spanish player’s swimsuit, exposing her la sandia (aka watermelon) (aka breast) for the world to see. Meanwhile, the network is being accused of some rather dramatic editing on their tape-delayed broadcast of the women’s gymnastics competition in order to ramp up the suspense artificially.