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Former Miss South Carolina Christina Zapolski to compete on Hunted

Hunted, premiering this Sunday on CBS, will feature teams of two hoping to evade capture by a team of professionals for 28 days. One of the people on the lam will be former Miss South Carolina Christina Zapolski. See her preview video, get some bio info on the 24-year-old and check her out in some bikinis she should probably avoid rocking if she wants to go unnoticed!

Amber Portwood explains why Forever Haute clothes are available on other sites


Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood recently launched her online clothing boutique at, and the response online has been overwhelmingly positive. There was a bit of confusion, however, after it was pointed out that some of her Forever Haute looks were available on other websites — some times for much less. Keep reading to see examples and to read Amber’s explanation. Plus, find out Amber’s Forever Haute expansion plans!

Chef Nikita Williams brings bikini-clad heat to Timber Creek Lodge’s kitchen

Timber Creek Lodge Nikita Williams bikini photos small

The Timber Creek Lodge Nikita Williams bikini photos are here–and, as was the case with her TCL colleagues before her, they are spectacular. Nikita is Whistler Gibbons’ chef extraordinaire, but hardly spends all of her time in the kitchen, as her lively social media feeds can attest. Read on for more about Nikita’s passions, and for what might be the most bikini-tastic photo gallery of all the show’s stars!

Khloe Kardashian’s Good American denim line made $1 million in 1 day, sets record

Khloe Kardashian money Good American denim jeans

Even detractors of the Kardashian family have to admit they have great genes, and now those detractors may also have to admit at least one of them has great jeans! Khloe Kardashian’s Good American denim line was reportedly the biggest denim launch in apparel history and raked in ONE MILLION DOLLARS ON THE FIRST DAY!

Timber Creek Lodge Jenna Gillund bikini photos Wide 1

PHOTOS Fun-loving former cheerleader Jenna Gillund ready for her Timber Creek Lodge close-up

Timber Creek Lodge, Bravo’s newest reality show, is a high-octane ski-tastic adventure. Though cast member Jenna Gillund may be a Texan at heart, she finds more than one way to fit right in. Read on to find out all about Jenna, including her background as an NBA cheerleader, her reputation for “fraternizing,” and, of course, a stunning set of photos to induce bikini bliss!

Timber Creek Lodge’s Katy Ann Boyd brings business pedigree, Maxim modeling portfolio to Bravo snow-fest

Timber Creek Lodge Katy Ann Boyd bikini photos Small preview

Bravo’s newest reality show takes place at a high-intensity ski resort, and the Timber Creek Lodge Katy Ann Boyd bikini photos are all part of the fun! Read on to find out about Katy and her exploits as a model, the “VIP Mountain Host” of the eponymous resort, and to check out a bikini-tastic photo spread!

PHOTOS VIDEO Kendall Jenner at 2016 Victoria’s Secret Runway Show


Posing for cameras in her underwear is basically Kendall Jenner’s full-time job, and on Wednesday night the 21-year-old returned for her second trip to the premiere event for mentionable unmentionables, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! Keep reading for LOTS of photos and video of the winged Kendall strutting her stuff as well as a peek at her pretty in PINK prep backstage before the show.

Timber Creek Lodge Cynthia Barker bikini photos melt winter’s heart with summer heat

Timber Creek Lodge Cynthia Barker bikini photos Preview 1

Bravo’s newest reality show may be set at a posh ski resort, but the Timber Creek Lodge Cynthia Barker bikini photos bring the heat of summer straight to the heart of winter’s chill! Read on to find out a bit about Cynthia, the “VIP Mountain Host” of the eponymous resort, and to check out a bikini-tastic photo spread!