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Kylie Jenner #IAmMoreThan campaign: Reality star hopes to eradicate bullying

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Kylie Jenner has long been known for her vast social media presence. As of this writing, Kylie has 34.4 million followers on Instagram, 11.2 million followers on Twitter, 7,992,030 friends on Facebook, and untold numbers of casual observers worldwide. Kylie Jenner is also well aware of the power of social media: the #kyliejennerchallenge that went viral […]

Perez Hilton proposes a media wide #KardashianKleanse, Kim threatens to remove him from her app

P and K

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton made it big when he began reporting the escapades of celebutantes like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian back in the 2000s. Now, Perez is changing his tune, and calling on all media outlets to join him in a week-long Kardashian cleanse. Read on for all the details–including how Kim has responded to the #KardashianKleanse.

Ashley Judd is pressing charges on abusive Twitter users


Twitter, and social media in general, can be an extremely unfriendly environment. It can get so negative that some celebrities feel the need to step away for their own sanity. Lena Dunham deleted the app from her phone, and now only tweets via proxy, and Iggy Azalea just quit it entirely. Ashley Judd is taking her response a bit further, she plans to press charges on the people who bully her on Twitter.