Sky from Black Ink Crew

VIDEO Footage of Rah Ali and Sky from Black Ink Crew brawling on the red carpet at Diddy’s NYE party

Rah Ali and Sky from Black Ink Crew may have finally had the brawl to end all brawls (until the next one). According to Rah, she laid Sky out on the red carpet outside Diddy’s New Year’s Eve party — and only broke a nail or two doing it. But Sky’s updates from later that same night make Rah’s story look somewhat suspicious. Read on for the details…

Sky joins Black Ink Atlanta as manager: Will she be on the spin-off?

Last week, the big Black Ink Crew drama involved Sky’s seeming departure from the show following a huge fight with Ceaser over the controversial-and-loving-it Miss Kitty. Fortunately, the show isn’t letting the question linger: no, Sky didn’t permanently quit the shop; Ceaser’s self-described “sister” quickly makes amends with her boss and friend. But it seems […]