Music Reviews

A look back: George Jones’ “Cold Hard Truth” 15 years later

In 1999 George Jones made the decision to return his focus to the traditional country sound that defined his earlier work and made him a living legend with the album Cold Hard Truth. The result was an instant classic and a must have for any Jones record collection. Take a stroll with us down memory lane as we remember this killer release including Alan Jackson’s unforgettably defiant tribute during the CMA Awards.

We are alive: Thoughts on Wrecking Ball by Bruce Springsteen

“I’ve had my own opinions as each new release dropped since then and each time while I may have disagreed I could see where each side was coming from either yea or nay. But now we have Wrecking Ball and of any original release that the best guitar picker from Asbury Park, New Jersey has let out in to the world this is the one that has the power, strength and consistency to most deservedly sit at the bar and toss ’em back with those other records of Bossman yore. Yes. I’m telling you to feel all right if you’re in a hurry and slip this new album in between Nebraska and Born in the U.S.A. While you’re out you shouldn’t feel disrespectful or bad about it.”

A look back: Emmylou Harris and the Nash Ramblers ‘At the Ryman’ 20 years later

What if I told you that a somewhat unheralded (chart wise anyways) release from 1992 would fall unquestionably under the title of my all time favorite live country music release? Not only that, but this release features covers only and is a completely acoustic affair. Well, this is exactly what I think of the unstoppable force that is Emmylou Harris and The Nash Ramblers At the Ryman. Take a detailed look back at an underappreciated live giant in the genre of country; a release and artist heralded for reviving The Mother Church of Country Music for which the album garnishes its name.

A look back: Buck Owens and His Buckaroos’ Roll Out the Red Carpet 45 years later

Come along as I look back at the 1966 Buck Owens and His Buckaroos classic album Roll Out the Red Carpet. Buck and his band dominated country music for most of the 60’s and this work from that era that is absent of any charting single is in my opinion the definitive album for the band’s addictive and game changing sound.