Former followers of IBLP warn of the Duggars’ practices: The teachings are very destructive

Former followers of the Institute of Basic Life (IBLP) warn viewers of 19 Kids and Counting that the Duggars’ practices are rooted in a “abusive authority structures” lead by IBLP founder Bill Gothard — who has also been accused of sexually harassing dozens of young women.

Why aren’t The Duggars allowed to kiss, front hug, or hold hands during dating?

Ben with his arm around Jessa.

The Duggar family definitely live their lives a bit different than most. They not only believe that a family should have as many children as “God allows” them, but they have strict dating rules for their children prior to marriage. Their oldest son Josh has been married to wife Anna for a while, and before they got hitched they did an official Duggar-style courtship. Now his younger sisters are starting to look for mates, and they are adhering strictly to the family’s guidelines about dating, courtships, and engagements. Are only side-hugs allowed?

Kirk Cameron says Christians should clean house before admonishing gay marriage

Kirk Cameron - Gay Marriage Opinions

Growing Pains’ Kirk Cameron changed his rhetoric about gay marriage this week, saying that “fornicators and adulterers” are bigger issues within the Christian church than gay marriage. He even went so far as declining to criticize gay marriage in general, even though he previously called homosexuality “unnatural” and “destructive.”

What are the dating rules for the teenagers in Sister Wives’ Brown family? Can they kiss and hold hands?


The polygamist Sister Wives’ Brown family seem accepting and laid back, but they do have strong religious beliefs (click here to learn more about that.) With so many kids in the teenage age range, dating is kind of a big issue. The Duggar family is another family with focused religious beliefs and lots of teens, and their rules for dating (or, as they call it, courtship) are pretty strict. Hand-holding is prohibited until engagement, and full on-kissing and full frontal hugs are to be avoided at all costs until marriage. Of course, the Duggars make it clear that they are letting the children decide.