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Kim Kardashian Hollywood app earns $43.4 million in 3rd quarter, gamers go on 214,174,992 dates


Glu Mobile recently revealed that their Kim Kardashian: Hollywood gaming app brought in $43.4 million in July, August, and September of 2014 after launching on June 25. In addition to the revenue figure, Glu Mobile also released some jaw-dropping statistics about gamers during that time, including how many dates they went on, the best-selling outfits for men and women, and the total amount of time human beings spent chasing their virtual dreams in the Kimcentric electronic Tinseltown universe.

VIDEO Young princesses drop F-bombs to highlight sexism


A for profit T-shirt company has produced a video of young girls in princess outfits dropping an insane amount of F-bombs to “draw attention to society’s continued sexism.” The clip has gone viral as they say and has many folks expressing their agreement with, or disgust of, the premise. See a bleep-filled version and let us know what you think.

Is mean girl Willow Pape in ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’ based on a real person?


Don’t worry, you’re like everyone else, including the EPA. You downloaded the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app ironically and then got addicted to playing the fame game. Maybe you spent $5 or $10 to buy a cat or a new hairdo. Kim Kardashian herself is super nice to you and gives you lots of tips about how to get to the top and stay there, but that blonde b!tch Willow Pape never has a good word for you or anyone. Many of the characters of the game you run into are nods to real people, so is Willow based on anyone in particular, or does she just represent one of nastier parts of getting ahead?

PHOTOS VIDEO Kim Kardashian announces Kim Kardashian video game


The Kimyempire continues to expand as Kim Kardashian took to instagram Tuesday to reveal she will be featured in an upcoming video game! Keep reading for updated details on what the game will be like including a brief preview trailer video! Plus, see some of our suggestions for other Kim Kardashian video game ideas like “Badonkadonkey Kong” and “KimCity 2014!”

Instagram butt star talks about her butt stardom


The internet has become enraptured today with the backside of a brunette from New York. Jen Selter’s fanny packs a punch and her rear-view images shared via Instagram have her with over a million followers via that social networking site because – booty and internet of course. Get Jen’s advice on badonkadonk stardom and how, through hard work, you can be just like her.

Inside the lucrative business of feet fetishes

Feet Feature

As a student at New York University, Olivia took a few sexuality classes and thought she had a good understanding on what fetishes involve. Then she answered a vague Craigslist ad seeking “Girls with Pretty Feet” and found herself swept into the strange world of “foot prostitution.” “I’m only young and living in New York […]