Publicity Stunts

The Rob & Chyna publicity stunt breakup, explained

The Rob & Chyna publicity stunt breakup has taken the internet by storm since it was “announced,” via a series of melodramatic Instagram posts, this weekend. And, thanks to at least one update from a potentially fake account, plus a series of videos from the normally quiet Rob Kardashian, the topic has haters sneering and fans in shock. But there are several ways to suss out a publicity stunt, as we will explain.

Justin Bieber’s stolen “sex tape” footage just a publicity stunt for “Beauty and a Beat” music video

Okay, so everyone (optimistically) thought Justin Beiber had a sex tape this week when he started talking about losing “a lot of personal footage” because someone stole his equipment. A photo of a male member even floated around the internet, which turned out to not be Justin.

In fact, the “footage” in question is probably just a music video premiere.